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Five Foto Friday #4

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Last weekend, I ventured up into the Georgia mountains to hang with an amazing girlfriend. This is an actual road. For cars. Dear God, please don’t let me drive off that mountain, never ever. Mmmkay?

That girlfriend I went to see also happens to be my sis-in-law. She is a saint. Not only for being the type of friend who listens and loves unconditionally, but hello, she married my brother. She made me a healthy (and Paleo) dinner of roasted pork tenderloin and baked ZUCCHINIPOTAMUS.  That’s what we named it, because people, when have you ever seen a footlong zucchini?!?

I have a thing for storm clouds in big skies.

I’ve been a cooking fool this week, especially with this recipe from Lauren over here: BBQ Peach and Coconut Chicken. I love that it’s quick, easy, Paleo, and a recipe for ONE that does not drive you insane with ingredient micro-measurement. Eyeballing wins!  Between that recipe, this other recipe for Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf from Juli at PaleOMG, and ginormous salads I eat out of mixing bowls… I’m a happy and well-fed Peach. This pic above shows my TWO POUNDS of cherub tomatoes from Costco.  I feel like it’s a race to see if I can actually consume that many. What was I thinking?!? Oh, right. It’s Costco and you must buy all the things.

And lastly, this week began my attempt to go to CrossFit at 6am instead of after work.  Vroom = a motorcycle revving.  Boingboing = a springy-Tigger-bouncing sound.  GTFU!!! = An obnoxious submerging submarine-type alarm. If you don’t know what GTFU stands for… bless your heart.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. I blew it again on Foto Friday because I had to talk about towels. I know, don’t get started on me. Love your alarm strategy! I’m intimidated by crossfit. Oh and ZUCCHINIPOTAMUS is an awesome word. I’m totally using it if I ever have a big one!

  2. hehehe LOveee this post! so glad your lovin my single lady recipes – they are pretty much all like that……………… herumph WOO!

  3. Looks like you had a fun trip! We used to go to Helen, Georgia. It was so beautiful, like a little town in the Alps. And that peach coconut chicken recipe? Hello dinner!

    • Hi Kenja!! Aw, Helen is beautiful and quaint, isn’t it? So lovely for a day trip getaway. And YES, I made the peach coconut chicken recipe 3 times last week. So, so easy and tasty. Let me know how it turns out!


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