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Big Things, people.

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I promise there are good reasons for my lack of posts and slacking on joining Yeah Write this week.

You see…. I have a surprise for you. I can’t tell you what because duh, it’s a surprise. But I can tell you the when. Here goes.

Sometime over the weekend (but definitely by Monday) you’ll see these Big Things. Check back with me over the next few days to find out! 

Yes, I know this is evil. But I’ll give you a few hints:

  • This has been a long time coming.
  • I’m seriously sweatypits right now.
  • No, I’m not pregnant. Or engaged.

Send me good juju that all goes well, please?

In the meantime, I’ll share a few pictures from yesterday, which was my birthday! It was an amazing day and I was showered with texts, calls, Facebooks, tweets, flowers, and LOVE. I’m so blessed to have so many wonderful friends IRL and here through this blog. This girl is grateful. Sniffffff.





Cake Batter Pancakes. Enough said. Recipe here. 


TROUBLE. Lululemon gift card. There goes a paycheck. #zerowillpower



Gorgeous sunshine from my west coast bestie. ❤


Amazon gift card, silicon baking cups, Bob Harper sweaty yoga and a new speed rope for CrossFit. Yay!

To make my birthday even better? Something really awesome happened professionally and they didn’t even know it was my birthday! Remember when I tweeted this?



Again… blessed. 

See you all very, very soon!


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  1. Yes. That really is evil. Now the long long wait for you to something about the surprise. BUT so happy you had a great time on your birthday yesterday and those pancakes sure do look appetising.

  2. I saw “details” in your tweet, but ignored the word “hints.” Spill it, already. The suspense is killing me!
    Yeah, it’s a slow day at work.

  3. Happy birthday! And you are totally mean with this teaser post!! Can’t wait to see what’s happening for you! So many exclamation points!!!

  4. happy birthday!! and yummy looking pancakes!! what did you get??? what it is it?? patience is not my virtue!!

  5. You are mean! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you. I’m crossing my fingers that, maybe, it will involve Southern California.

  6. Those photos look so edible, particularly the first one. Don’t give up on the food photos. Whatever, parody video. I love pictures of tasty food (or food disasters, like your other post).

    Happy Birthday one day late! And congratulations, whatever it is. 🙂

  7. Oh oh oh! The torture! Happy birthday – those pancakes = love. Can’t wait to read about your big news!


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