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Welcome to 50Peach, where you’ll find I am most certainly not the Southern version of Miss Ana Grey.

To be clear, this blog’s intent is to share the stories of a Southern woman with a fair bit of sass.  This includes being an Atlanta single, dork-o-rama, foodie, CrossFit addict, and lover of all things funny/pretty/fuzzy. I write, blog and tweet about my dating debacles and other assorted ridiculousness.  My writing suffers from a condition called ‘lack of filter’. The word Fuck happens to be one of my favorite words. Sorry for not being sorry.

Despite cursing too much, I also love far too hard. You won’t find a better friend with a bigger heart out there. I’m a puzzling contradiction of geeky tech-nerd and stalker of the next greatest pair of boots. I laugh too much when I’m nervous and hold full conversations in my sleep. Pickles are the most disgusting invention ever.  You’re more likely to see me cry if I’m furiously mad than if my heart is breaking. I will straight-up kick your ass at 8ball. I believe in love – the best friend/fairy tale kind – and refuse to settle for less. I wish I knew how to take a damn nap. My dreams are big, and I’m going after them with a fierceness.

These are just the highlights of what makes up 50Peach. Stick with me, and you may be lucky enough to learn the rest.

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