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The Mighty Peach List

Have you ever had time to sit quietly with yourself and just dream? To ask yourself what would you do if there were no trappings, obstacles or excuses? To ponder over what could you accomplish if there were no penalties for putting yourself first for once, and without thought to repercussions or responsibilities?  Or what you would do if money was no issue? Not many of us have. Even fewer have actually written their dreams down.

It takes courage. Courage to forget the “I could never!”s, to shove aside the “are you crazy?”s, and flip a bird to “that’s just ridiculous”. It takes guts to summon the bravery to focus purely on what you wish to accomplish before your time here is up. I say let’s do this.

A dear friend and Camp Mighty were my inspiration. And this is The Mighty Peach List… still a work in progress.

Updated: 2/18/13

1    Sing Miranda Lambert’s Kerosene at karaoke
2    Know what caviar tastes like
3    Write a novel
4    Learn Italian
5    Go to Italy (Tuscany, Cinque Terre)
6    Stand on the cliffs in Ireland
7    Learn to knit    YES, Winter 2011
8    Play in a community band
9    Jump out of a plane voluntarily
10   Have a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity in NYC YES, January 2013
11    See the sun rise on a boat
12    Run a 10K    YES, Peachtree Road Race 2012
13    Run a marathon
14    Buy a house PLANNED for 2013   
15    Give birth to a child
16    Marry a man that I cannot live without, and who cannot live without me
17    Go to Alaska and see the Aurora Borealis
18    Attend Camp Mighty        YES, Camp Mighty 2012
19    See Portland OR        YES, Sept 2012
20    Start therapy again YES, Feb 2013
21    See a life coach
22    Volunteer at an animal shelter/vet office
23    Volunteer at a women’s abuse clinic/home
24    Adopt/rescue a puppy  PLANNED: 2013
25    Scuba dive
26    Buy a fancy Nikon/Canon camera
27    Take photography classes
28    Visit Napa Valley
29    See the redwoods/sequoias and feel small in the world    PLANNED: 2013   
30    Do an unassisted, strict, dead-hang pull-up
31    Be able to rope climb        YES! Sept 21, 2012
32    Have a “HOT NOW” Krispy Kreme doughnut PLANNED
33    Fix my crooked tooth
34    Have professional pics taken of me before I get too old. Just me. YES! Camp Mighty 2012
35    Overcome fear of putting face under water
36    Be able to swim freestyle, with flip at the end
37    Have an amazing wine collection
38    Donate to charity at least once a year.    YES for 2011 + 12
39    Eat a pastry, drink an espresso in Paris.
40    Successfully water-ski (without hurting myself this time)
41    Not have a black thumb/have plants that don’t die.
42    Have a muscled tummy
43    Go to London with N. to revisit our juvenile delinquency    PLANNED: 2013 
44    Compete in a CrossFit competition (scaled)
45    Compete in a CrossFit competition (Rx)
46    See an Atlanta Braves game
47    See an Atlanta Falcons game
48    Go to Niagara Falls
49    Be employed in a job that I love
50    Meet with editor/agent to get feedback on my writing
51    Make money writing. Somehow, some way.
52    Visit my parents more often.
53    Visit NOLA during Mardi Gras
54    Find the perfect badass leather jacket
55    Slap a man across the face (who REALLY deserves it)
56    Pay off my ($*)$#(*%ing student loans
57    Decide what I want to be when I grow up
58    See the tree at Rock Center in NYC at Christmas YES! January 2013
59    Donate my hair to Locks of Love
60    Dye my hair a crazy color, like purple/pink
61    Buy myself something from Tiffany & Co.
62    Try Fois Gras YES! December 27, 2012
63    Own an espresso machine and know how to use it
64    Have a red Kitchenaid stand mixer
65    Zipline
66    Go on a cruise
67    Vacation in the Outer Banks
68    Go to BlogHer
69    Own a zippy sports car
70    Live in my own house with a yard big enough to have 2-3 dogs (a Bull Terrier, a Dachshund, and a Bulldog)
71    Give blood twice a year
72    Pick an item on someone else’s life list (that’s not on mine) and do it!
73    Help someone complete an item on their own life list
74    Send my parents on a vacation somewhere they’d never have gone on their own
75    Pay it forward to someone in desperate need, the way J.A. did for me.
76    Open my heart to love again. Fully. Fearlessly
77    Ride on a dogsled
78   Stop letting the fear of judgment control my decisions
79   Go to Alt Summit
80   Cut my hair super-short once in my life – and rock it.
81   Visit Savannah, GA. (finally)
82   See Mumford & Sons live
83   Go to a concert at Red Rocks, CO

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  1. This is awesome! I love that you’re crossing them off, with dates. That is totally inspiring. I need to make one of these.

  2. Love that you posted this and what wonderful and completely obtainable goals you have!! I can see you knocking off a ton of these in the next year!

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  4. I wanna make one of these lists. What are the guidelines?

    • It’s easy: just start writing down things you would like to do, see, accomplish or master in your lifetime. There are no limits. The world is your oyster. The list does not have to remain ‘in stone’. Should you feel you maybe reached too far on that goal of being fluent in hieroglyphics, it can be scratched. 🙂 the point is to document your dreams, and to dream big. Do it.

  5. You have a crooked tooth? Never noticed.
    I will collect foodie advice from a few local chefs and take you for #62.

  6. Peach, I love your list – and you! So inspiring. So beautiful.

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  8. That whole alt braves falcons thing? Find me. I need a giants/falc game partner

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  10. Let’s do #68 together and be roomies.

    • Wouldn’t it have been awesome if #68 was actually labelled as #69 and I just said what I said. Oh I wish that had happened.

      • Let’s do it! and oh wow, that would have been priceless. Hmm, what is my #69? Oh, own a zippy sports car. That would require extreme flexibility and could be damaging to the leather seats. But anything’s possible.

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  18. I’m embarrassed to say I am just reading this post now. Yours are posts that stay in my inbox until I can get to them – they DO NOT get deleted unread. Of course, it takes me forever to get to them sometimes, but…

    I’m sure reading this when you first posted would have been great. But I love seeing it with the updates that some things are done. So exciting. You know I think you are amazingly awesome, and this post is so much of the reason why.


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