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The Unfinished

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Sitting in the lush back seat of the chauffeured car, she stared down at the iPhone in her lap. His name and number stared back at her.

She was there on business for only a few short days and could have easily slid in and out of town without him knowing the difference. After all, it had been over a year since she’d pulled him up on her screen. Over a year since they’d exchanged a final painful goodbye. Yet something indescribable was screaming at her to make contact. It was a pull like the love she’d always had for him – undeniable and annoyingly persistent.

They were together for nearly three years. Everything fell apart. She moved away. And she moved on.

Except she didn’t.

Since the two of them had shattered she had dealt with blind dates, suffered the torment of speed dating, endured the crazies of online dating and had an embarrassingly horrific one night stand. She’d made poor decisions while drinking and tried to force feelings when there were none. She smirked, remembering the tribal-tattooed musclehead. That one had almost resulted in an intervention by her friends. She remembered the men who claimed to love her but left coldly and without explanation. Men that weren’t looking for the same things.  Men who were devilishly handsome but devoid of emotional connection.  Men who amused her but never managed to make her belly-laugh.  Men who could certainly turn her on, but never gave her butterflies. Shorter men, taller men, military men, musicians, men far away and men right around the corner… hell, her friends teased that they needed to create a flowchart to keep her love disasters straight.

All she knew was that she had things to say to this man. There was risk, for sure. Reaching out to him meant facing the possibility that he may be seeing someone else, or be married with kids. She didn’t think he would be, but he could also be completely cold or cruel towards her. Yet even though she was opening myself up to a world of potential hurt, she didn’t care. There was no way she could ever completely be whole again if she didn’t take the opportunity to voice her side.

She wouldn’t live her life as a fraud, having never faced the full extent of love and pain and letting go. She knew it was the unfinished holding her back, preventing her from fully opening her heart to anyone else. Yes. She needed to charge headfirst into this, acknowledging fully the element of danger.

The deep inhale and long exhale had a finality in its weight.

Still glaring at her phone, she thought to herself, “He needs to know how much he hurt me. He needs to know what I’ve gone through since the day I packed my car and drove away in tears. How I’ve changed. How the person he dated for three years was a broken, unhappy version of myself. And he needs to see the strong, vivacious woman that I’ve become since him.” Her heart didn’t leave her any choice.  It was time.

Her finger hovered over his number on the screen. And then it made contact.

The screen filled with his name.




“Ohmygod. …….  Hi.”


This piece is being submitted to the amazing Yeah Write Weekly Challenge grid. If you don’t know Yeah Write, you should. The crew at YW are not only amazingly talented bloggers who write and writers who blog, they’ve become my friends.  Not friends with benefits, you perv. Just friends. 😉

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  1. I love to read your fiction. While I was reading this I was thinking you should be doing this full time. You can make a living from this. You are good.

  2. I loved how you wrote this! Great!

  3. I hope there is more to come after this! Great start to a longer bit, methinks. Love it.

  4. so into it. love the cliffhanger – but what happened?????!!!!

  5. But what happened next?? As a writer, I’m really glad that you chose to end the story where you did, but as a reader, I just want to know how the story ends!!

  6. MOre more more. Was it really fiction? Love the flowchart for the men disasters. Um, totally relate to that.

  7. I want to know more, too!

  8. And this is why I do not want to date again, ever. Well done, m’lady!

  9. I would definitely love to read more of this piece! The paragraph describing all of her love disasters is perfect. It describes her pain and desperation so well.

  10. Great piece. I love the thoughts swirling through her head as she contemplates answering the call. ….Now I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the follow up to this!

  11. I’m dying to know how the call went, but I also feel like there was such a good story in the few minutes we were able to witness. Well done.

  12. Agh, this was great! I love how it ends, with the anticipation and the possibility!

  13. I soooo understand this one. The disasters, and that one that tugs at your heart no matter how hard you try to forget. Truth is the only way!

  14. I want more too. Great cliff hanger. I really like the way you ended this.

  15. Was this a NJ dude? I really want to know the rest of the conversation!!

  16. Don’t leave me hangin’! Spill! Great story, well told – keep writing please! And boy do I relate to the bad boyfriends – oy!

  17. The unfinished business of every relationship that ever ended is hanging on what happened after that call.

  18. Perfect ending-of-the-post/beginning-of-something-else!!!

  19. Okay! You sucked me right in! It was wonderfully written and so filled with suspense. Give it up…what happened next?

  20. for God’s sakes, tell us what happened next!

    –Darcy at

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