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Valentine’s Day – What’s Your Style?

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Way back in college, I was that girl. The one who threw the “Anti-Valentine’s Day” parties.

The requirements for attendees stated that you must be unattached and if any rogue couples decided to crash the party after their romantic dinner plans, they were unceremoniously shoved back out the door.

My friends and I would decorate the apartment with those horrific paper banners and cupid cutouts, except they’d been marked up with my own slogans. I’d also leave out blank ones and markers for guests to write their own.

“Love bites.”

“Who cares?”

“Nice shoes. (Wanna ___?)”

“Cupid’s an asshole.”

“Eat more chocolate.”

And so on.

I’d play hostess in a sexy head-to-toe black outfit – the taller the boots, the better. Because, duh. What my fellow single co-eds relished the most was having a destination far away from the commercialized, overly vomitous, forced romance of this dreaded day. We’d all suck down cheap beer to forget what the world was trying so hard to remind us of YOU’RE ALONE, blast the music, and dance the pain night away. Good times. Kinda like this.

Fast-forwarding more years than I care to admit, I can say that I’ve experienced some very romantic versions of this holiday as part of a couple. Awwww. Barf. But I’ve also had just as many Bridget Jones moments of face-eating pints of Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip while watching The Biggest Loser in my fat pants.


Now? I’m just over the whole thing.

You see, I don’t believe in placing sole importance on the actions of a person on a single day. It is the actions of a person every day that matter the most.

Keep the words. Show me instead.

With the right person, I don’t believe it’s necessary to shell out a hundred bucks a head on a four-course prix fixe menu if that’s not your typical style. This girl’s style is that I’d be perfectly content in a pair of ripped jeans, laughing my ass off with someone over a bucket of sloppy bbq ribs and beers. You can keep the satan-created pantyhose, shoes that shred, and overly rich garlic-butter-cream-sauced-poultry/pasta dish that will likely have you running to the restroom in 20 minutes. Who wants that???

I will say that for some, Valentine’s Day is admittedly a nice gesture. It could be a great chance for couples who are stuck in their daily grind of work and/or parenting to reconnect over one special night. But shouldn’t it also just be another day with your honey?

Because the man who treasures your heart, who values you as a person, who wants to do nothing more than make you laugh every single day? He’ll get it. And Valentine’s Day will be just another day that he’s going to continue showing you in his own small ways that he cares. He’s going to do something stupid just to put a smile on your face. He’ll place a surprise kiss on the back of your neck while you’re shoulder-deep in dishes or dirty diapers. And he’ll make you feel like the most beautiful woman on earth, even while your face is covered in barbeque sauce.

Not being fully on board with this holiday doesn’t mean I’ve given up on romance. Not at all. I just think acts of romance should be present in some way that speaks to you every day. It shouldn’t be reserved for just this day.

But that’s just me and maybe I’m crazy. What do you think?

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? How do you spend it if you’re single? If you have a honey, do you go all fancy-like or stay low key?



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  1. I like Valentine’s day to be acknowledged but I don’t like to buy into the commercialized aspects. A date night is great but if you come at me with Hallmark cards and some ‘Jane Seymour’s Open Heart Collection for Kay Jeweler’s’ crap you will be reminded that other things besides “Kiss” begin with “K,” like “Kick in the balls.”

  2. Larks, an entire other blog post could be dedicated to the hork-worthy commercials. Hmmm, there’s an idea. In the meantime, I dig your down to earth outlook and ever-hilarious delivery!!!

  3. of course, sounds like you just want to live valentines day everyday. absofreakinglutely! yes.

  4. Bbq is referenced more than once here. And then there’s bacon. I approve. v-day is meaningless.

  5. It makes me furious when my husband buys me something for Valentine’s Day. If he really wants to make me happy, he can take that cash and put it in the bank so we can retire 5 minutes earlier. I am *that* passionate about retirement.

    He can however suggest we order takeout. I’m no fool. Any night off from cooking and dishes that I can still spend in front of the TV is perfect.

  6. Girl, I am with you. Valentine’s Day is overrated. I was a waitress for many many more years that I should have been, and we always referred to it as “amateur night”. The only day in the year where people will willingly be price gouged and suck it up in the name of love.
    Bob the Builder and I just do cards, and a dinner at home. With our schedules, a quiet dinner where our phones aren’t buzzing is an amazing night.
    You know what I want to go away? The Jane Seymour Open Heart commercials. Just…blech. Enough.


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