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What’s up, last day?! November is gone. Woah. It’s been awesome linking up with YeahWrite for the NaBloPoMo party. Just when I thought YeahWrite couldn’t get any cooler, it introduced me to some new-to-me bloggers that I have come to quite adore. You know who you are SHANNON.

What I enjoyed the most about NaBloPoMo is what it taught me. I learned that being committed to write a post every single day was not that difficult. Neither was actually writing the posts. Because this is what I love to do. I love to tell stories. I made the time, even during Camp Mighty and on Thanksgiving, whether I was flying or driving, whether I was sick or healthy.  I found a local coffee shop perfect for hours of total word-immersion and caffeine fixes.  Every day, I wrote.  And I’m proud that I did it.

It’s shown me that I am finding my voice as a writer.  The same way I’ve grown to truly love myself for all that I am, I found that each moment spent putting word to paper/screen was a part of my self-education as a writer. Not every post was stellar, but I feel like every post was a chance for me to speak in words that are truly mine – and without concern over possible judgment from others. Case in point, writing my SnowPeople story was hard. Not knowing what kind of reactions/comments I’d get was terrifying, but I put it out there anyway. I just hope my Mom will understand (IF she ever discovers that I have a blog) that the internet doesn’t hate her. It was my story to tell, and I told it my way. Because I have to.

Finally, I learned that dammit, the saying is true. The best and ONLY way to get better at writing is to write, and to write a lot. So I’m going to keep going.  As I mentioned a few posts back, I’m taking part in Alice Bradley’s MOWP (Month of Writing Prompts), which means I’m voluntarily committing to write every day, for another month. But this time, it’s just for me. And I’m going to tackle fiction. Someone tell me not to be nervous. Eeek.  But don’t worry, you won’t be subjected to reading my horrific first attempts (or deciphering my jaw-droppingly-bad handwriting). I’ll be back to blogging about my usual hilarity and hot messness up in here.  Just not every day.

I love y’all, but Peach needs a damn break. 🙂

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  1. Ooh, you go Peach! I don’t think I could commit to two months of daily posting (but never say never). I’m excited to do 3-4/wk in Dec, at most. But go you with every day! You are awesome!

  2. You’re a rock star, Peach! I can’t improve on your post so I’ll just give it the “amen” it deserves. What fun to share a row with you!

    • You are the bestest, MizYank. So sorry I’m behind on reading and commenting…but I think we all are, at this point. Just know you’re in the category of awesome new-to-me bloggers, too!!

  3. Yay, we did it. We are pure awesomeness 🙂 At first I thought you were saying you were going to be blogging every day again, and was releived when I realized it wasn’t a blogging challenge. Because how in the heck?? Good luck with that, I’ll be interested to hear how it goes.

  4. You’re so awesome!! I love this post. It’s a perfect end to the month!! I look forward to reading more of your writing!!

  5. The similarities in our posts ARE eerie. Even how we sign off. Maybe we were coinjoined twins in another life?

    Your mama will understand if she ever finds your blog. It was your story to tell. No guilt.

  6. You go girl! Love your can-do attitude about all things you tackle – and conquer. XO

  7. Peach!!!
    I know I peaced out mid-month…but holy moly, I count myself SO lucky to have found myself in our row! You guys have all been amazing, and I LOVE popping by and seeing what’s up with you! You also give me great recipe inspiration (recovering vegetarians just don’t *get* chicken naturally…but you always make it sound so delish!) and your writing is hilarious. I look forward to following you for future months 🙂 You go girl!


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