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Day 29: Thursday’s Things

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I’ve had a cold all week. I don’t tell you this to get sympathy. Colds happen and no amount of bitching on social media will make them go away any faster. But I haven’t been going to CrossFit. Now that I feel like a heifer I am finally well enough to go back, I looked up what awaits me in tomorrow’s WOD (Workout of the Day):


21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

That’s the men’s weight, in case you were wondering. Women’s weight would be about 150-ish. Which I can do, but handstand pushups are another story. I can do the handstand against the wall, but getting my head all the way to the floor while upside down? umfuckno. My arm/back strength isn’t there yet. Luckily the beauty of CrossFit is scaling: adapting the movement to something similar that will help you progress up to full strength (called Rx). The alternatives?

Modified handstand push-ups using a box. And HI, LOOK AT MY ASS.

Wall handstand with abmats – where I am.

End goal – wall handstand, no abmats, head to floor and back up. with those abs.

My only reason for posting this is that I tell people that I do CrossFit, and they 1. recoil in horror and say WHY?!?! and 2. Ask me if I can do a handstand pushup. What they don’t understand is that there are a lot of things in CrossFit that the majority of the population cannot do. You have to spend a lot of time building up to the crazy that you see in the CrossFit Games on ESPN. I’m talking years. Go with me on this: I compare CrossFit to Bikram Yoga. You’ll never be perfect at all 26 poses of Bikram unless you spend years repeatedly performing the same movements, the same way, and build the strength to get your body past many, many hurdles. But the satisfaction comes in reaching tiny portions of those goals, step by step, moving you that much closer toward the place YOU want to end up. Not where anyone says you have to go. It’s personal. Not everyone who does CrossFit thinks this way, but it’s how I see it.

Thursday’s Things:

Exactly what it sounds like.

I don’t feel like this every day. But sometimes.  A few years from now.

How I felt about my lists this week. Trying to figure things out.

Anything using the phrase “bag of smashed assholes” gets my respect. Looking in the mirror.

I want this cat. When my bed eats my phone.

I’m not exactly a big deal on the internet, but mark my words. Best new tumblr out there right now. Yay for RANDOM PENGUINS!

Some new Camp Mighty bloggy friends. I’m diggin’ on reading their post-camp recaps. I’m sure there are plenty more that I’m remiss in linking – I will find you all and I mean that in an un-stalker-ish way.

  • Budget Fairy Tale – Things Mindy is good at: wedding planning on a budget and being an all-around sweetheart.
  • Inward Facing Girl – Melanie rocks as much as much as her hair’s green streak!
  • Leslie Fandrich – ridiculously talented writer, photographer and artist. Want to be her when I grow up.
  • The Amber Show  – so much heart in this lady. If I’m in Brooklyn ever, we’re totally having drinks.
  • SugarLeg – I should put on my Life List to run a race with her. That would rule.
  • GlutenFree Travelette – Adina is all over the map, except in how awesome she is.
  • Daffodil Campbell – her hugs make me wish Maui were closer.
  • Donuts Dresses and Dirt – Sheri. Gorgeous words, gorgeous pictures, gorgeous person.
  • Brittany Herself – where she posts about the crotch-numbing Vespa experience.

I saved the best for last.

Yeah Write. Oh, Yeah Write, how I love thee. I first joined up with this weekly writing submission group over the summer and haven’t looked back since.  Every week, I read so many posts that inspire me, make me feel big feelings, and push me to be a better writer. It has a competitive aspect to it, but it is not at all cutthroat or dependent upon who wins or not. I am grateful that Erica found me and encouraged me to link up. If you haven’t heard of it, you need to check it out. The people of Yeah Write are amazing men and women, crazy-talented, supportive and hilarious. They’ve become kind of like my little internet family and I’ve met some amazing people through them.

There’s my roundup of Thursday’s Things.  Which means, it’s almost the weekend. Tanks God.

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  1. “Crazy-talented, supportive and hilarious” needs to be our new tagline. Thank you so much for becoming such a regular and faithful part of our community. That summer series blew in so many cool people. I am verklempt as always.

  2. You are the sweetest, thank you so much for the compliment!! Wish we could have chatted at Camp, but it’s nice to get to know you online. xo

  3. Thank you so much for including me! Looking forward to getting to know you on the interwebs. 🙂 xo

  4. After a week of travel-induced Rowmie silence I’m glad to come back home to a big bushel of Peach. I’m going speed-dating this weekend so the bag of smashed assholes can’t be far behind. Yeahwrite is every bit as great as you say!

  5. you said “Tanks God”! swelling with #persianpride

  6. I’m really glad you posted this today. Especially the part about the 26 poses in Bikram yoga.

    I joined Crossfit in October. Since then, I’ve been doing lots of “met-con” workouts – getting my sea legs, building stamina, building agility, trying to get a little bit faster. Just this week I decided to start integrating some more of the strength-building workouts. Things that involve lifting heavy weights. And these workouts are way, way out of my comfort zone. Power cleans and back squats and dead lifts and all that stuff. It’s all so unfamiliar, and genuinely scary to me. I’m so bad at these workouts, and I am able to accomplish so much less than the people around me.

    It’s interesting to put myself deliberately in the path of failure like this. I walk in the door knowing that it’s going to suck and I’m going to kind of suck at whatever it is we’re doing. I also know that we don’t get stronger (mentally, physically, emotionally) until we reach the point of failure. Our outer edges.

    There isn’t really a big nifty conclusion to this ramble. Just wanted to say thanks for the good reminder that even “penguin steps” count as progress.

    • I heartily approve and agree about the penguin steps, about knowing that we have to push our comfort zones to get better, and about understanding that it is just, plain, gonna suck. I’m proud of you!!! *fistbump*

  7. I was driving near my home and I saw a cross fit place and thought of you!! I thought for a very brief moment that it would be a fun thing to try, then I remembered your posts. If I tried to do a headstand push up, my elbows would snap like twigs.

    Also, headstands with a head cold? That sounds painful.

    Finally, complaining about head colds on social media does too help. It spreads the misery, which is why I did it all last week 😉

    Hope you’re feeling better!!

    • Haha, Michelle, you are too funny. CrossFit…it’s kinda like the scene from Steel Magnolias at the end, when Weezer asks the bible-thumper if she has to eat the head off a chicken and the response was, “not on the first visit.”. Upside down push-ups are not required of newbies. 😉


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