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Day 28: Lists and Longhand

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I’m a list-maker. Lists make me not crazy. I have been known to color-code and pivot table my grocery lists.

Not really.

When I feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done, I start with a list. Then I prioritize said list by a few sub-lists.

  1. Things that have to get done OMFGRIGHTNOW
  2. Things that have to get done TODAY or the world will stop spinning
  3. Things that have to get done SOON? (ie: the next few days or so)
  4. Things that can wait a while and no one will die.

Once I have a clear idea of the personality of my “things” I tackle those OMFGRIGHTNOW guys first, and in order of their own tugging on my pant legs. Once they are quiet, I move down to the next category and work my way through the line in order of their priorities. And so on and so on. This system works for me 99.99% of the time.

Now seems to be the 00.01% of the times it is not.

Thinking about it, I couldn’t be happier as to why my OCD-style lists aren’t effective at the moment. It’s because there is so much to do that is good. I just don’t know where to start! It’s all so big and shiny and exciting that I’m kind of sitting back, staring at my awesome to-dos in admiration… but not digging in yet. Silly, yes. But trust me, I also know this is a GREAT problem to have. I just need to pick a starting point and DO.

lemme stop.

Then, between doing NaBloPoMo (blogging every day for the month of November) via YeahWrite (which means reading my rowmies and columnites there, and once a week writing something with *substance* instead of my normal asinine rambling), plus all the post-CampMighty processing/brain-dumping, I’m kind of all over the place. Kind of like that last sentence, there. Hello, 2.5 college degrees, why do you desert me?

I’ll get my focus soon I hope, because I have a busy December coming up!

I want to continue my streak of writing every day, but in a different form. Get this – I signed up for Alice Bradley’s Month of Writing Prompts. In this MOWP exercise I’ll be using Alice’s provided prompts to free-write for 15 minutes a day, in longhand. Do not stop at Go, keep writing, do not edit, just WRITE. This will be a challenge for me, Miss Perfectionista, who wants to fix things the moment they appear from the tip of my pen or on the screen. Plus there’s the fact that my handwriting is completely illegible to everyone on earth but me. But in the end, I want to stick to writing fiction only. To use the prompts to let my imagination go where it wants and just wing it.  No personal blatherings scrawled on paper to muck through the allotted time. I want to CREATE something, for 15 minutes, every day. Just like Margaret Stewart said here:

… as “creators” of anything, we have to find and defend our time to MAKE. No excuses. It’s important.

Yes. Yes it is. Let’s just hope I don’t wind up with a notebook full of doodles instead of stories.

Aside from my writing commitment there is also: stick to my training schedule for my upcoming 15K, keep up the usual CrossFit self-torture, complete my holiday shopping, do some holiday traveling and continue my life list badassery.

Y’all ready to keep up with me???

I’ma need some stronger coffee.

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  1. That sounds fun Peach! But I agonize over things too much. I’m not sure I could write anything in 15 minutes! I assume you read Bill’s awesome grid post on lists?

    • exactly my problem too… yikes. I’ll just have to let my perfectionist tendencies take the back seat for a minute (or 15). And not yet, but going to look for Bill’s post now! xo

  2. HOLY SHIT. I’m already exhausted from all you have on your plate. Go you! I went to sign up for the prompts, too, but they’re closed now. I hope it’s GREAT for you. Can’t wait to see what you create!


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