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Mighty Peach Life List – #34 Professional Pictures of Me

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Punching my Life List in the FACE! YEAH!

#34: Have professional pics taken of me before I get too old. Just me.

I don’t mean head shots. I don’t mean the studio-posed wistful gazing toward the upper right corner of the misty brown border. Ew. And no. I don’t mean me standing next to the rest of my family. And I definitely don’t mean the candids/Instagrams/dorky self-portraits of me floating around out there. I mean real grown-up photographs of me, taken by a pro.

This may seem weird to some. But hell, I figure what better time than right now to do this? Before marriage, before children, just me. Happy. Because I want something tangible I can look back on in years to come – after the hair goes gray and the boobies aren’t so perky – and think, “Damn. I didn’t look half bad!”.

So imagine my luck when I was placed onto the same Camp Mighty team as the talented and gorgeous Kate of JetKat Photo. Not only is Kate a fellow UGA Alumni (Go Dawgs), but she read my life list and volunteered right away to help me knock out #34!

I adore Kate for taking the time out of an already packed weekend at Camp Mighty to help me. But after seeing the lovely, lovely shots she captured I could just smooch her!! (Apologies to Kate’s husband.) It’s difficult to put into words, but in a nutshell, she “got me” on film. I looked at them and thought, “Wow, that’s me. Yep, there’s my little bit of sass in that one. Oh, she made me look so pretty in this one. Man, I look happy.” They’re perfect and I love them so much.

Kate, I am so grateful. Thank you!

NOTE: As much as I wish I could share the photos here, that would kinda mess with my whole anonymous thing I’ve got going on. You’ll have to take my word for it… for now, anyway. πŸ˜‰

Next up, I’m *this* close to finalizing my plans for the 500.00 grant from Go Mighty that I won from the election day giveaway!Β  I can’t reveal what I’m thinking yet, but it’s going to be so cool. And fun. And GOOD. I’m so excited!!!

As for the rest of my Life List items, after I posted them here I’m just tickled by how many of my friends have come forward and said, “Hey, I can help you with #x.” I have the feeling a good number will be kicked in the butt this year. I promise to keep you updated on my kick-assery! YEAH.

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  1. I’m so glad you got your photos done. Too bad we can’t see them…but I totally understand since I blog anonymously, too πŸ™‚

    And I’m super excited to hear what you are doing to do with that grant!

  2. I want to see! (email me a link or something)

  3. I really wanna see those pics. And find you on instagram. I’m shannonmariah there. FIND ME.


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