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Day 12: Do you need a tissue?

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I think my Tree has a cold.

She was fine a few days ago.

But then today, she sneezed.

Bless you, Tree.

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  1. Haha!

  2. I spent a couple hours yesterday raking leaves and getting them to the curb for today’s vacuum pick-up. Came home tonight to a scene similar to the one in the pic. Your tree sneezes, mine blows raspberries.

  3. I do love the fall colors, but then the raking goes right along with it huh

  4. Ha ha! Love that 🙂 Now you just have to rake them up and jump in them!

    • Me? nope. Landscaping company via HOA? Yep. I wonder if they’d do that for me… “Um, hi. Can you knock on my door when you have em in a pile so I can belly flop in it? Thanks.”

  5. Again I say, YOU ARE FUNNY. So so funny. Gorgeous tree, too. Even with the snotty leaves.


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