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Day 9: Juggling is not in my skillset

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Peach had a date last night!

Happily, as first dates go, this was was a solid 7.5 to 8. Not too shabby.  Good dinner. Good conversation. No awkward pauses. Laughs. Flirting. Lil’ bit of snuggling on the coffee shop couch.  Even a few respectable good night smooches.

Do I expect that this is THE guy? No. But why the hell would I? It was one date.

Why is that last line highlighted like it’s a BFD? Because for me, it is.  I must confess, I am guilty of being a serial dater-of-only-one-man-at-a-time.

Talking with a friend recently made me realize that it’s OKAY to date for dating’s sake. That dating does not equal hyper-analyzing of every bit of male minutiae to determine if he has long-term potential.  She reminded me that it’s 100% fine to date for fun. To meet people. To hone in more on what I can accept in a potential partner vs. what may be an absolute dealbreaker. But to accomplish all that, I need to be open to the idea of dating without expectations or assumptions. Dating for entirely selfish reasons. And yes… deep breath…. seeing more than one person at a time.

Wait, I have to learn to juggle? Shit.

If I can learn to adopt this new way of thinking, the hope is that along the way I’ll learn more about myself in this damn journey that sometimes makes me want to just dive into a bottle of wine and say fuck it all.

And look, I guess the very worst case scenario is that I gain plenty of material to plaster up here for you lovely people. Take tonight’s potential shitshow, for example.

What’s tonight?

Speed dating, Round TWO!  Round one can be found here. For this go-around the age range is younger than the last – I think it’s 23-37. God help me… 23?!?!… nothankyouthisismerunningforthehills. But it’s the same deal: You’re allowed 5 minutes with each person. Women stay put at their table. Men rotate to the next table when the bell rings. When it’s over, you choose which ones you’d be up to hang out with again. If they choose you too, you’re given their contact info.

Wish me good luck, send good juju, cross your fingers/toes, or whatever works for you.  If you don’t feel like doing any of that, send me bad vibes so I can write some ridiculously snarky posts about it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have to go fight with my closet and find something to wear.

closet asploshun.

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  1. Speaking from the safety of a happy seven-year marriage, I wish you well. I for one am excited about never going on a date again!

  2. Good luck! I think the speed dating would be less stressful and awkward than me fighting my closet for something to wear.

  3. Yay for a good first date!!
    Like you, I was also a one-person-at-a-time-dater. Of course I met my husband that way, so it worked out well for me although I always wondered what it would be like with all the dating excitement x2 or more!
    I look forward to reading more of your dating stories! 🙂

  4. I’m glad the date went well! It’s hard to just relax and have fun, but I know it’s the best route to go. I still can’t imagine doing speed dating, though. That one really freaks me out!

  5. Ah, a kindred spirit in first dates and speed-dating! Seems to me the trajectory these follow depends so much on the attitude of the dater, which means you’re going to love it and/or get one howler of a post out of it. BTW, when I first read your headline I thought it said it wasn’t “In Your Skillet,” which I decided was a fantastically fabulous Peach-ism! I still like it even though I understand it results from my inability to read.

    • I think we should keep “in my skillet” around. It’s origin is cute and I bet I can make it a thing. Can’t wait to read your adventures in dating too!

      Ps- it turned out to be a howler… Oof.

  6. I love the wine quote (of course I do – this is *me* talking)! Go have fun and I can’t wait to read about the speed dating – such a funny concept, but good not to be stuck with someone you don’t like talking to!

  7. Happy the first date went well 🙂 wow it’s been a long time since I have been on a first date, have been on a few dates over the years but if I go on a first date I have a feeling the wife would be killing me Ha Ha

    Speed dating, I am not so sure about that for myself, I can just see me trying to get something said just as the bell rang for me to move, yep the girls would be thinking “I aint picking that one”

    You will have fun and who knows you just may pick the guy who picks you also, it could work.


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