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Day 5: My heart is full.

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Wow, wow, wow.

The party last night was a huge success! I’m sitting here, grinning ear to ear, just remembering all the good things.

a touch of Fall flowers

The turnout was perfect – enough to be a house-full, without being a full house. There was such a good vibe the entire night, with so much laughter. Teasing, belly-laughs and cackling pretty much come with the territory with my friends and their twisted humor, but that’s why I love them so dearly. Even my crotchety brother got in the spirit, and has a horrible hangover today to prove it. I forgive him for the early morning call to whine about how he used a whole roll of toilet paper already. That’s his penance for waking my ass up. Yes, I’m evil.

Buffalo chicken dip, Sausage Balls, Pumpkin Pie Cake

The noshing food was a huge hit and is 99% gone. Now, will someone please come and remove the 3 remaining squares of Pumpkin Pie Cake from my house before I cave and eat them? Seriously, Ellen at Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms – this is a ridiculously good recipe and I will share it with abundance! I watched with jealousy as one of my friends unassumingly took a piece, bit into it and immediately let out a shocked “mmmmm!!!!”. She was stunned by how good it was. Then she had another. 🙂  Well done, my friend!

I may or may not have said last night: “I want to stick my face in that and motorboat it.”

The pumpkin granola sold out *like that*! Yay for Charity: Water! Sending a big thank you to Juli at PaleOMG for the recipe, which can be found here. My only changes to her brilliant crack-like invention was to double the nut/seed quantities to make it a little crunchier. But hey, you make it how you want – it’s impossible to mess up. Unless you burn it. Don’t burn the nuts.

Pretty packaging!

We called the guests in New York who were unable to catch their flight down here this weekend and passed my phone around at the party. They were missed terribly, but are doing amazing things for the Sandy cleanup efforts in their Long Island town.

And most importantly, my Mighty Tip Jar was full of donations for Charity: Water.  I’m currently at nearly DOUBLE the amount I was supposed to earn prior to Camp Mighty, and still receiving donations! I am so, so appreciative to everyone who has donated so far – from my blogger friends, to far away friends, to family, to everyone local who came last night, and everyone who was there in spirit – thank you. If you would like to help continue my efforts, shoot me an email at fiftyshadesofpeach (at) gmail (dot) com and I will provide the easy-peasy donation link!

The night ended beautifully with some cuddle time with one of my favorite men in my life. He is three years old. And he loves me in the way that only children can – without question or exception or qualifiers. It did my aching heart good.

I fell asleep smiling, proud that I am able to contribute so much to a good cause, and with thanks for the love and support of those that are near and dear to me.  I love you all, so hard. xoxo



I’m taking part in BlogHer’s 30 day blogfest, aka #NaBloPoMo  If you are interested, go read HERE. You have until 11pm EST today November 5th to sign up!  To make it even cooler, my amazing people from YeahWrite have set up a grid for all of us that participate over there, too. That one is HERE. Strength in numbers, I tell ya!

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  1. Wow! That sounds like a great party! Go, you!

  2. Burnt nuts, who likes those! So glad you had a night of love and laughs, we all deserve that and you deserve this camp experience!

  3. I’m totally laughing about the motorboat comment.

  4. Well now I’m snackie (AGAIN) and itching to do something good myself.

    Why wasn’t I invited to your party? I totally would have brushed my hair for it and everything.

    • this party sounds so lovely!

      I totally toasted my nuts! I tried out your recipe today and one of my two trays didn’t crisp *quite* enough…it got a little singed when I stuck it back in for round two! Ah well…I also quadrupled the recipe and added oats and rolled kamut! Yay to the oats…although I would advise against the kamut…WAY too crunchy!! Congrats on meeting your goal!

      • Here’s our Rowmie, pursuing a laudable, noble purpose, and all I want to do is make burned nuts jokes. I’m a disgrace to our row. Thank goodness you’re here to class up the joint.

      • Haha… scorched nuts, singed nuts, insert nut joke here! 🙂 Katie, I don’t even know what a kamut is, but that’s awesome that you tried out the recipe! And yes, I should have mentioned it took a couple of tries to perfect the crunch, but you’ll get it!

  5. Soooo glad you liked the cake. I got a little nervous when you tweeted you were making it for a party. Whew! Relieved it was good enough to motorboat. Gonna use that in our new ad. 😉

    Now I need to make some of that granola. Happy your party was a success.


    • Ellen, what were you worried about? It is an amazingly good recipe!!! Mine did take a little longer than 45 min to fully cook, but everyone’s stove is different. And yes, motorboating… only the most sophisticated of thoughts in this brain. 😛 That should work well for your ad!

  6. I just finished reading all about the party and the planning and now I am SO happy to read that it was a success!! Good for you!
    Camp Mighty sounds like a seriously amazing thing, and you are so brilliant to fundraise this way!
    I am so glad that it was a heart-happying night.


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