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A PR Hat Trick!

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CrossFit dorkery ahead. I’m sorry but not sorry.

  1. I did my first ever kipping pull-up last night!!! This is huge for me! Granted, I only did ONE at a time and still have no idea how to string them together, but YAY! I DID IT!
  2. Then I unexpectedly PR’d by a lot on a lift called a “split jerk” (think pushing a barbell overhead while dropping into a lunge position). Not only did my trainer push me way further than expected, I also used a “guy bar” on accident. Which means the numbers below are actually 10lbs heavier! stfu. No way.
  3. Then today I surprised the hell out of myself and did 8 unbroken double unders! (Speed-jump-rope – the rope has to pass under you twice per jump.) Considering I’ve maxed out at 3 or 4 at a time for a damn month now, I didn’t think I’d ever start to get it. Or that I’d ever stop whipping the shit out of my own arms/legs while I learn how. This is not the blog for Fifty Shades of Grey, dammit!!!  OW. I’m not nearly consistent yet with them, but WOOHOO!  Too bad they kinda make you feel like you have to pee a little.  Oh jeez, and I haven’t even had kids yet…is this what I have to look forward to? Kegals for me! (Too much? Nah. Put on your big boy/girl pants, folks.)

After my sweaty workout this morning, I hit the grocery store to shop for my party tomorrow!!!  iwillnotfreakoutiwillnotfreakoutiwillnotfreakout All that’s left to do today is cleaning the house, making the pumpkin granola, watching my Dawgs kick some ass, and enjoying how delicious my house is going to smell!

I’m making great progress on my Camp Mighty fundraising for Charity: Water, but I’m not quite to my goal yet! Again, if you want info on how to donate and help me kick some more ass for a great cause, leave me a comment and I’ll get you the details. xoxox

Okay, these babies are calling my name to get filled!

Oh and sorry for all the shouty capitals and exclamation points. I may have had too much coffee. Oops.

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  1. Good job! I actually researched Cross Fit/ Boot Camp type things are there are none anywhere near my house right now. You definitely have me intrigued about it! I’m hoping something will start up in my area soon!

  2. Excellent work at Crossfit, but next time update in English, k?

    I tease my friend who is also part of the crossfit cult. When he comes on FB I ping him with “This one time at crossfit…” He loves me!

    What are you canning there? Prettay!

  3. Hi, Rowmie! Congrats for your CrossFit success! I recently took up an outdoor version of this and have to stop myself from waxing poetic about it. I look forward to some dating ridiculousness. I’m about to embark on (and blog about) some of my own, courtesy of a groupon purchase for personalized matchmaking services….

  4. Hahaha!! Hi there, Rowmie! I can’t wait to read about the matchmaking services!!! And don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of dating ridiculous coming up soon. 😉

  5. Matchmaking services tell us more!
    I feel like following your blog is going to prompt me to use my groupon for kickboxing…a far hue and cry from crossfit, but maybe it will help me decipher more of this blog post 😛 Way to be active! I have also had way too much yoga. Er, coffee. Yoga will hopefully turn down these effects 😛

  6. Remind me to tell you about the, um, close call I recently had at Crossfit after jumping rope during a WOD at the end of a long day. Congratulations on your double unders and pull-up – I am thoroughly impressed and jealous!


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