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Five Foto Friday #16: Gratitude

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This week in pictures is one of humble gratitude, for all that I have.

Take Your Pumpkin to CrossFit Day.

Last weekend my gym did a Halloween-themed Pumpkin WOD. It consisted of:

800 m Run with Pumpkin
25 Thrusters with Pumpkin
25 Box Jump (20”) with Pumpkin
100 m Overhead Walking Lunge with Pumpkin
25 Cleans with Pumpkin
25 Presses with Pumpkin
400 m Run with Pumpkin

*If you put your pumpkin down AT ALL, you had to do 25 burpees.*

***If you BROKE your pumpkin, you had to do burpees until everyone else finished the workout.***

Needless to say, no one had any oopsies with their pumpkins.  In other news, my ass muscles hurt for 4 days afterward. *grumblelungesgrumble*

Hoboken, NJ

But then came Sandy.  I’m still stunned by the extent of the aftermath, much of which is still being felt by my friends and coworkers in the NY/NJ area. The picture above was taken by a good friend of mine, whom I used to play pool with at the bar at the end of this street.  I cannot even wrap my brain around this image. What I can say is how amazed I am, reading my friends’ stories of compassion, giving and caring that are abundant in this horrific time. It’s nice to know that character still exists in the world. Yet, I am sad that my best friend from Long Island is now unable to visit this weekend. (She was supposed to fly in yesterday… have you SEEN LaGuardia? Ha.)  Homecoming weekend won’t be the same without my twin. 😦 I am hurting right along with my friends I’ve made through this blog, many of whom are still without power (or wine). I hope they know I’m here if I can do anything at all to help!!

But, on the bright side, I’ve got more than two handfuls of people attending my soiree to raise money for my Camp Mighty Team’s efforts toward Charity: Water.  At the party I’ll be offering homemade Pumpkin Granola for sale, with all proceeds going towards our fundraising effort.

fooooooood porrrrnnnnnnn

I’m so (NOT) crafty.


If you can spare any amount whatsoever to my efforts for Camp Mighty and Charity: Water, please leave a comment with your contact info and I will send you the direct link to donate! Even the smallest amount would be appreciated. Thanks to those of you who have already given. It means the world to me. What is this Camp Mighty thing? Full post is here.


This week offered a valuable lesson: you’ll never regret being the bigger person.  The Ex delivered a nasty suckerpunch this week.  While I could have easily gone batshit psycho on him (because it was that low), I did not react. Nor did I retaliate. It just goes to show how horribly wrong I was about his character. I am so, so grateful to be removed from the situation and proud that I refused to give him the satisfaction of knowing he hurt me. My friends continue to support me, let me wail/scream/cry on them, and I love them HARD for it. Thank you guys, for helping me be strong when I can’t do it alone.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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  1. Good for you. His true self will come out, no matter what he says about you, it will be apparent that he is the ass. Be strong, be the grown up, be the strong woman you are! Now I am off to make pumpkin granola….

  2. Have a great weekend Peach! We are hanging in there but it’s slow going in my part of NJ (but at least I’m not underwater)!

  3. Love this post, Peach! I hope you have a great weekend, too. Good for you for being the bigger person. It does always pay off, even if it’s not the easiest thing to be in the moment. What’s the story on the Pumpkin Granola? Are you just going to tease us with it or share the recipe? xoxoxo

  4. Burpees are the devil…that pumpkin workout sounds hard core. It’s such a crappy feeling to realize you’ve badly misjudged someone, because it’s usually not for the better. Hope karma wins out in the end.

  5. There was a quiet ache in this post.

    Sounds like your plate is pile high. I’m glad to read you have love to help. xo

  6. Oh man, Pumpkin Crossfit sounds intense! We did watermelon fighting one year in karate, and lugged our pumpkins around during warmup (which made me swear off pregnancy for at least a decade or so!). Also, camp mighty sounds awesome! Best of luck with your quest!!


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