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8 Week Challenge #8: It’s over, but it’s not!

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If you haven’t seen this video or heard that it’s gone nutso viral, go watch.  I DIED.  And then I die some more every time I watch.

Good things about this week:

I haven’t cheated on my Whole30! And whoa, have the temptations been there. Family dinner at On The Border? Fried tortilla chips calling my name, but I had chicken fajitas without all the extras – meat and veggies only. Bought Halloween candy to hand out to my neighborhood kids next week but DID NOT OPEN THE BAG and stashed it under my living room table.  Tried new recipes to keep myself interested and not feel deprived. More on that later.

I’ve also lost my “Vegas weight”! A few days of good eating and CrossFit smashed that pretty damn well. Most importantly, I feel so much better!!!

Bad things about this week:

Nothing major, but I miss coffee creamer.  Going dairy-free poses a challenge – almond milk and coconut milk from a carton make coffee taste god-awful to me.  So Delicious makes a coconut creamer but I hesitate to use it, because the list of ingredients is a mile long. Kinda defeats the purpose of the Whole30 intent to go super-clean. Some CF girls told me they use straight up, full fat canned coconut milk. Me thinks it’s time to try this.

Exercise this week:

Friday – off
Saturday – CrossFit partner WOD (workout of the day) of medicine ball torture. Awesome arm workout, but chucking medicine balls at someone, having them chucked back at you, and having to run with them – UGH.
Sunday – CrossFit “Tom” – In the CrossFit world, there are Hero WODs. These are created and done in honor of fallen military men and women. They are brutal, and they are meant to be. During them, in the midst of exhaustion or fatigue, I try to remember the soldiers who gave their lives for us and push through the pain. I was happy with how heavy I went on my barbell weight in this one and that I didn’t give up.
Monday – CrossFit 1 rep max back squat day + 10 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 10 back squats at 50%, 10 pullups, 10 kettlebell swings. My previous 1 rep max for a back squat is 145lbs and I reached it but could not do heavier. I’m okay with that because my form is still not perfect. If the form isn’t there, the weight is irrelevant. Hello, Injury101. My back is more important than my ego. I’ll keep improving my form and the weight will come.

Also signed up for Carrots and Cake’s Plank Challenge. Trial time (hold an elbow plank as long as you can) was 2:32. Goal for 4 weeks is to increase to 5 min.
Tuesday – CrossFit Sots press/handstand walk/20 second L-sit hold/handstand walk – don’t even ask what a Sots press is. It sucks and it hates me. Handstand walk? HAHAHAHAHA, I’d so bust my ass.  Nope, not ready for that yet.  I did 75 meter bear crawls instead. Probably picked a bad day to wear my Lululemon shorty shorts, oops. Hi, here’s my ass while I crawl across the floor on all fours. My bad.

Run 1600 meters
Rest 3 minutes
Run 1200 meters
Rest 2 minutes
Run 800 meters
Rest 1 minute
Run 400 meters

Post times per round.

Thursday – rest day!

Food this week (Whole30 progress):

  • Eating out makes me so bloated and gain water weight! Despite ordering plain chicken and veggies all day long, there’s still no telling what they throw in back there in regards to oil/salt ratios. My tummy tells me they are exorbitant!  But OMG, the chicken curry at UrbanPl8.… to die for. I ate waaaaay too much and paid for it in the form of a food baby belly.  Ugh.
  • Made pesto for the first time and I blended a wooden spoon in the process. I’m a genius.
  • Hidden sugar FAIL.  I discovered my beloved Newman’s Own Pineapple Salsa is loaded with sugar. 😦  Buh bye.
  • Recipe experiments included:

Pistachio Pesto Pasta from PaleOMG – made with shrimp and YUM.

Peach’s ‘QuickChick’ – Cook a slice of bacon in a pan. Remove.  Add a big handful of sliced onion and some minced garlic. Season with celery salt and curry powder. Cook till soft. Remove.  Add 1 boneless chicken breast cut into bite-sized pieces. Season with celery salt and curry powder.  Cook till almost done (don’t overcook!). Add the onions/garlic back to pan. Cook until chicken finishes up and flavors are blended. Serve over veggie saute with bacon crumbled on it. So quick and easy, and I love the sweetness the onions take on just by cooking the crap out of them.

Tessa the Domestic Diva’s Paleo Sweet Potato Fries with almond butter – so good and hit my post-dinner sweet tooth smack in the face. BAM!

Carrots and Cake’s Two-Ingredient Pancakes – 1 egg, 1 banana = a pancake? Believe it or not, it works! Just follow her instructions, top it with coconut butter or almond butter, maybe some blueberries and damn. It’s filling and good for breakfast!

Closing thoughts on Pish Posh’s 8 Week Challenge:

First, Pish Posh, THANK YOU for hosting. Your posts for us were entertaining, supportive and funny as hell.  It was awesome to meet new bloggers, support them along the way, and have them deliver much-needed ass kicking at times. Second, thank you and congrats to everyone who participated and sent me your kind words and love! We did it!

My health overhaul that began in April will continue on, but this 8 Week Challenge helped me tighten up on my goals and I’m ready to keep truckin’ with CrossFit and my new eating habits!

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  1. Sweet potato fries and carrots are my go too at night to get rid of my sweet tooth. Works everytime and love them in a spicey mayo. Way to kick ass this week. Today’s WOD is crazy!! I think I would die… and I think this will be my workout this weekend. Can’t get back to crossfit until December when kids sports are done, cannot wait. Great job on your Whole30! And canned coconut milk far outweighs the boxed. It has a weird texture to me, but helped with my cravings cuz black coffee just aint right!

    • I heart me some sweet potatoes!! 🙂 The running WOD was brutal, but I survived. It made me grateful that interval training doesn’t come up more often. Can’t wait for you to get back to CF too! And yes, the canned milk is doing better for me than carton. But… it’s still not the same. May just have to put on my big girl pants and drink it black. :/

  2. You did awesome Peach, so proud of you! Will be excited to see what you do over the next year since I’m trying to get fit too!

  3. Peach, this post was awesome and so are you!!! Could that be anymore cheese-ball? Don’t care. You seriously inspire me. BIG TIME.

  4. You did fantastic! 🙂 I use a splash of non dairy soy creamer. It isn’t Silk – because they are supported by Big Industry Food and are against Prop 37 (labeling GMOs). But whatever it is, it tastes yummy.

    I want to try your workout routine a bit this week. I like the set up. You are amazing!

    Have you ever tried Veggie Straws? They are SUPER low calorie, have the consistency of a rice cake kind of, but totally or at least very closely taste like french fries.

    That video is cute haha

    • Sadly, soy is not allowed in Paleo. I miss it terribly – I had some killer tofu recipes that I crave still! But OOOH, veggie straws, I will certainly research! Yay!

  5. I am certainly inspired by your ability to stick to with your goals and your level of commitment to success. I think you’ve set yourself up with tools that you can use for the rest of your life. Well done.

    I would imagine, blended wooden spoon is quite high in fiber? Although, I might be worried about splinters on the way out. 🙂

  6. You are awesome! You have such determination and resolve. I’m floored by you! Keep it up!!

  7. Wow. I aspire to be you! You have done so well and man oh man, I admire the workout you are doing. I really need to suck it up and find a Cross Fit around here.

    The recipes all sound great. I am quite curious about the banana and egg pancakes!

    Great job!!

  8. I wish I had your resolve. Man you are kicking some ass! You should get all the medals! What is there to say but to keep up the good work, continue to impress the masses, and stay healthy! 🙂


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