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Five Foto Friday #14: Bonus Edition! The Vegas Recap

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There’s no way I could recap Vegas and only use five photos. Im – Poh – See – Blay. But this will be worth it, I promise.

Without further ado, I give you….

Peach’s 2012 Vegas Awards

Best *Blinkblinkblink* Moment

  • When you’re at Koi, anxiously awaiting your Miso-bronzed Black Cod dinner entree, and your two friends (who were complete strangers to each other prior to this trip) bust into a spontaneous tablesong of “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”.  WITH SEAT DANCING.  That.  I sat there stunned, just watching these two amazing friends, loving it that my worlds collided and proved without a shred of doubt that I am a dork. And I pick friends that are dorks, too.  Because peanutbutterjellywithabaseballbat.

a cheetah-print candy-topped molten lava cake? Come ON.

Best Ego Boosts

  • Earning a groupie following of European men as my girlfriend and I wandered Aria before dinner. When we busted them following us (by my friend stopping dead in her tracks, of course, to see what they did), they lamely asked if we knew where a club was. I just said, “no, sorry.” and we moved on.  Of COURSE we ran into them 4 hours later. And this time, they said, ‘Hey, it’s them again! HEY, MY FRIEND REALLY FANCIES YOU!’.  That’s a first.  We’ve never been “fancied” before.  🙂 But no.
  • Having a gorgeous server slip his phone number to your friend at the end of the meal. Whoa. Cojones! Sorry men, she’s taken.

Most Sophisticated Elegance

  • The Mandarin Oriental. My pictures don’t do it justice. It’s tucked away on the Strip, in the middle of everything but not shouting its importance. We went for drinks, but we stayed for the atmosphere. It was calm, in its darkened space with floor-to-ceiling windows. You could easily take a window-side leather armchair and gaze at the scenery for hours, but we sat at the bar and allowed our cutie bartender the opportunity to mix our magical concoctions. He went so far as to have us taste a sample of a drink he wanted to propose for their next menu – it had an apple rosemary simple syrup and muddled apples, but didn’t kill us with the apple flavor. Subtle and yummy.  Their wasabi peanuts made me cry, but that’s okay.  I forgive them.

Best Party in my Mouth

  • The urban legend of Vegas.  Served only by word of mouth at The Chandelier Bar (or 1.5), this Szechuan Verbena drink had us freaking out and waving our hands at our grimacing faces to the extent that we made a video of our idiotic reactions. Yeah, because that won’t come back to haunt me, ever. Quote from Societe Perrier: “The Verbena is made with tequila, Yuzu sour, ginger syrup, lemon verbena leaves and garnished with a Szechuan button, an edible flower that speeds up your salivary glands. It numbs your mouth and intensifies everything you consume for five minutes or more.”  Holy understatement. Most bizarre feeling. Tingly, spit-inducing, numbing and tickly all at the same time. Too much fun!

The “You’ll Never Look at Sock Puppets the Same” Award

Absinthe. You rock my face, Absinthe. So hard.

Imagine a tiny circus tent, with acrobatic performers who happen to be smokin’ hot. Then add in wildly irreverent humor and bucketloads of crass language. Sexy performance humor?  Yes, please. The talent was incredible, both on the humor/improv and the artistic acrobatic side. My words don’t do it nearly enough justice. Take 30 seconds to watch this and you’ll understand why I sat there with open-mouth-syndrome for all 90 minutes of this awesomeness.

Best Foodgasm

Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris, hands down. Our order looked like this:

  • Wine: Rombauer Zinfandel, 2010
  • Bread: Pancetta-infused brioche, Truffle-ribboned brioche and crusty french bread with mineral salted butter
  • Starter: Smoked Beef Tartare
  • Entrees: Friend1 got the Roasted Beef Wellington – the Gordon Ramsay staple.  Friend2 and I got the 24oz Bone-in Ribeye.
  • Sides: Truffle Mac and Cheese and Creamed Spinach
  • Dessert: Sticky Toffee Pudding with Brown Butter Ice Cream and Chocolate Layers

Best Phrases We Said to Each Other

  • “Inappropriate cleavage incoming”.  Oh, honey. NO. Put those away.
  • “working or not working?” Hey, guys? It turns out, if they’re barely clothed, stunning, stacked, and rubbing up on an older gentleman… check to see if they also have a huge purse. Probably working. Or just wait until they forcefully demand that you buy them a drink. TWICE.  And run away.

Best Hangover Moment 

  • My girlfriend and I just wanted to go shopping at Caesar’s. We did not think that by stepping into that cab, we’d have a near-death experience. First, the mini-bus/van thing needed a new tranny and brakes, like, yesterday. He asked if he could take us “the back way” to avoid the Strip traffic, fine, whatever. But taking turns so hard we were flung around the back seat? Careening from lane to lane, nearly clipping every person he cut off? We held on to the ceiling, door frames, or whatever we could find. Talking was not an option as we endured and even held hands at one point. When he finally screeeeeched to a halt in front of Caesar’s, he slammed it into park, jumped out, and had our door open before we’d stopped moving. Coked out much, little asian guy?!?!  For future reference – Vegas cabbie #775 – avoid like the plague. Thank GOD we hadn’t been drinking yet. *burp*

Least Hangover Moment

  • Indulging in The Spa at NYNY.  Fuzzy robes, a hot sauna session, hot showers, and a 50 minute swedish massage that made my eyes roll back in my head from pleasure.  My muscles needed the love after last week’s stupid-heavy deadlift workout. But more, I needed the pampering after a shitty, shitty few weeks personally. I left there feeling renewed and refreshed. So worth it.

Post-vacation I am left feeling a little down, but only because I am sad it is over.  It was one of those trips that turn out even better than expected.  I feel incredibly blessed that I am able to take trips like this, and purely because I want to.  It was my goal this year to make ME happy.  I’m so glad that I am.

To have to wonderful friends by my side to enjoy it all? Priceless.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. I LOVE it that you are having parties in your mouth! I’m not sure what that means, but it’s still cool!


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