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8 Week Challenge #7: Reboot complete.

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Last week, I was really flogging a dead horse struggling with my weight gain in relation to exercise and doing Paleo “Faileo”. The conclusions I came to, with my fellow Pish Posh Challengers is this: you can’t pick and choose your diet choices, thinking that it’s okay to cheat every now and then. Not if you expect to see any results.

Good things about this week:

I gave myself a break. While on vacation, I left Faileo in the dust and enjoyed myself. I did not exercise. I may or may not have eaten my way through Vegas. And I don’t regret it one bit.  Here’s an example.

Post-dinner cappuccino with a Chambord-filled chocolate dipper.

Bad things about this week:

I must say, I’m okay with this week.  I needed the break from life, from the diet, from the gym, and from the emotional mess I’ve been for a few weeks. It did me good to get away and just let go. It’s made coming back and refocusing that much better, easier and meaningful. Reboot, successful!

Exercise summary:

Did CrossFit 4 days out of the last 9 (last post). Twice prior to vacation, twice since I’ve been back. Highlights in non-CF terminology:

  • Deadlift day – after working up in weight gradually, I managed to deadlift a 195lb barbell 5 times. Yes, I lifted a grown man. Then the coaches made us do some crazy do-5pullups-do-10burpees-but-jump-over-a-barbell-sideways-after-each-one-do-15MORE-DEADLIFTS over and over for 10 minutes. And then I died. Not really. But I wanted to. For the next 3 days.

  • More lifts – I did well with what are called Push Presses – it’s basically pushing a barbell overhead until your elbows are straight, with only the help of a slight bend of the knee and driving your arms upward. Got up to 85lbs with those, at 3 reps. Then today consisted of doing 30 reps of a combination lift – it combined 5 different olympic lifts into one round, and we had to do 30 combos. Timed. With heavy weight. Eeesh.
  • My saving grace of the above? Not having any serious metabolic conditioning/cardio workouts these 1st two days back from Sin City. But if I’m not mistaken, it’s waiting for me tomorrow… rumor has it our workout has rope climbs, not one, but TWO 1-mile runs, and lifting. Shit.

Diet goals for this week (MONTH):

Now that I’ve consumed all of the foods and drinks of Vegas, my focus is back.  The last two days I’ve been excellent with my diet (strict Paleo) and the weight I gained on the trip all but 1/2lb gone.  I read through the Whole30 and found it’s essentially following Paleo, strictly, with no cheating, for 30 days. (correct me if I’m wrong!) I’m going for it. It’s essentially what I wanted to do, anyway. My biggest speedtraps will be: booze and sugar. I know it and I know I need to be strong as hell to resist. Halloween is going to suck in this regard.

Why is it so hard to avoid the scale!?? I need someone to come take my bathroom scale hostage. And maybe torture it a little for the way it beckons to me every morning, mocking me with the temptation of seeing that fucking number go lower. I’ve got to remove it from my bathroom. That’s it. It’s going in the garage. Or my back porch. Let the asshole get rained on. There.

The shopping list is printed and stuck at face-height on my fridge. And speaking of fridge, there are no cartons of Haagen Dazs in there. I went shopping and have a ton of veggies and good proteins to work with. Let’s do this.


Commence freakout…. 3 -2 -1 … NOW.

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  1. Sounds like you really needed Vegas on so many levels. Good for you for taking the break and being OK with it. Glad to see you’re jumping back into your goals and I know you’ll find continued success!!

  2. You are awesome. You are definitely the most committed to this challenge. Not that we all don’t want to be healthy but you make graphs, do math, do “olympic” type exercises… the rest of us look like tiny mortals to you!

    So keep rocking. You are an inspiration. And kick ass at your two mile, rope climbing event!

    • Thanks, Dalrie. The rest and reboot has been great. The two mile rope climbing day did not happen – my body told me “nuh UH”, so I took a rest day. Back in the gym the last 2 days, though. Going to check out your post now!

  3. Can’t wait to hear how you did! Everyone needs a break sometimes. But healthy food makes us feel better 🙂


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