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8 Week Challenge #5:

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Good things about this week:

  • Worked my butt off in the gym! 😀

Bad things about this week:

  • Entirely too much, “F this. Pass the wine/booze.”
  • Entirely too much, “F this. Pass the Haagen Dazs.”
  • Personal shit is to blame for all of the above. But that’s a different post, entirely. If you care to read the wreckage, stop by in a day or two.

Exercise highlights for the week:

I’m trying to by nice to myself about the “F this” moments and focus on how much my CrossFit workouts kicked my ass this week. Here are some highlights.

  • Shoulder presses – worked my way up  to 65lbs
  • “Ass and Abs Annie”50, 40, 30, 20, 10 reps of:
    Walking Lunges
    ABMAT Sit-ups
  • “21 minutes”
    7 min per AMRAP (as many reps as possible) on a running clock. As many rounds as possible of:AMRAP#1
    7 Handstand Push-ups
    7 Box Jump (20 in.)s
    7 Thrusters 65 lbs
    7 Box Jump (20 in.)s
    7 Thrusters 65 lbs
    7 Overhead Squats 65 lbs
    Post total rounds.
  • Back Squats – worked my way up to 5 reps of 125lbs
  • 1 mile run after the back squats in 8:50.
  • 100 L Pull-ups – needed the assistance of a huge band, but completed.
  • 100 GHD situps – 100!!! Tthis is the reason I could not laugh, cough, sneeze or breathe for 4 days. Nothing worse than a sneeze that unfolds like this:  You feel the tickle. Big breath in. Prepare yourself for agony. You go, “HAA…OWWWW!”… but the pain trumps the sneeze.  You got a Haaa, but NO Choo!  SO. UNSATISFYING.

  • Bench Presses  – did 4 rounds of 15 reps at 65lbs, then 1 round of 12 at 75lbs.

That is all for now, peeps. Have a great rest of the weekend!

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  1. When I read your exercises, I either don’t know what you’re talking about or I’m in pain thinking about them. Crossfit scares me. Sorry about your personal shit and I hope you’re ok. Sounds like you did an amazing job with your workouts though and that counts for a lot!!

  2. Awesome. Crossfit scares me too. Maybe you could break them down a bit for us? And I too fell off the wagon a bit from personal stuff. But let’s fix this next week – the stress eating sad drinking is what got us into this mess. Let’s be physically strong so we can be emotionally and mentally strong – also kudos to you for your damn sit ups. Okay doing situps will be part of my goal this week. Thanks!

  3. Is that a picture of you?! You are ripped! Doesn’t seem like you had a ton of emotional eating damage – you look awesome!

  4. I’m in pain just reading this post!

  5. Girl, way to BRING IT HARD this week! Even with the personal shit you’re dealing with. Very proud of you and impressed by you. xoxo

  6. The f-this moments are not a big deal…you are on the right track overall and that is what is important. Sorry for the personal woes! I hope this week is better. Good job on that fantastic run tonight!


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