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Five Foto Friday 12

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Buying fresh flowers for myself is becoming my new favorite thing. The cheerfulness of these peachy-pink guys made an excellent statement for my football gathering last weekend. The tiger-striped and mini punkins just make me smile. I love Fall, so so much.

This recipe was, hands-down, the biggest hit at the party. Paleo Pumpkin Granola, people. By itself or under a hefty pour of coconut/almond milk, it’s my new crack. I’ve made it again since, but had to give half of it away to friends so I didn’t park myself under my fuzzy blanket and eat myself into a bad place.  Breakups will do that to you. All credit goes to my drug dealer, Juli at PaleOMG.

This was found in the men’s t-shirt section at Target and I could not leave it there in the store. It wanted to come home with me. I know. I am twelve.

Herbie has officially been upgraded from a studio apartment to a 2BR/2BA, but he did not make it easy on me! After about a week-long scare where he got all pissy and droopy on me, he finally perked up quite nicely. (I think he was pouting at the abuse he endured at my horrible gardening skills.)

However, during surgery, I separated the “prayer plant” from the rest of Herbie and named her Herbette. SHE is really quite offended. 😦  If anyone has any advice for nursing Herbette back to health, I’m all ears. Otherwise, send condolences please.

Happy Friday, everyone!

ps – sorry if some of you already saw these pics on Instagram. (I’m 50Peach over there.) Better photo originality next week, I promise. :/

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  1. Hooray for Herbie! Hope Herbette pulls though. Your photos are so awesome that they are worth looking at twice 😉

    Have a nice weekend. I’m over here counting the hours until wine o’clock!

  2. I LOVE that Granola…. and Juli and everything she makes!

  3. Everything about this post rocks except for the “breakup” part. I am now going to use my lunch break to get caught up on what’s going on. Why don’t I get your blog post updates in my inbox? I miss me some Peach. Hold please. xoxo


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