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Five Foto Friday #10

Yay, it’s the weekend, FINALLY!!!

I hope you all have some fabulous plans. It’s that time of year that I adore – not too hot/humid, not too cool, sunny with a little baby breeze.  I certainly plan to get outdoors and enjoy the hell out of it! Perhaps even from the back of a bike! 🙂

Banana Cake Batter fixins

  • While in the midst of an ohmigodIneedsugarRIGHTNOW moment, but still trying to maintain my goals for PishPosh’s 8 week challenge, I came up with what will be my new crack.  I call it Banana Cake Batter because that may or may not be a “Yes I totally licked the bowl” picture up there. Guilty. Don’t judge. Recipe is here.

Halp me.

  • This is Herbie. Yes, I named my plant. Shut it.  Herbie needs halp, because Herbie’s mom knows that he has outgrown his britches, but has NO IDEA how to transplant him to a bigger home!  More, if you see on the bottom left side of the pic, he has this “praying vine” thing that just lays there and is all kinda sprawl-y over the edge. So, I thought I could put the praying vine in the smaller pot over there on the right side of the pic, and move the rest of Herbie into that bigger pot.  But… this is my cry for help, people.  Herbie has been with me through some shitty, shitty times and is the ONLY plant I have never killed.  Seriously. I kill cacti.  And bamboo.  My dad sent Herbie to me on a particularly horrific Valentines Day with a card that said only this: “You will always be my Valentine. Love, Dad”.  So you see, I need HELP. Give me tips/pointers on how to perform surgery on Herbie and not kill him. I keep him indoors, with a little natural light but not a ton, and water him a teeny amount every 3-4 days. And he stays happy.  But re-potting a houseplant? Not in my skill set.

  • Behold the Ninja Socks.  These socks were worn this morning, when I completed my first successful rope climbs at CrossFit!  The workout called for 4 climbs, 30 push-ups and 30 situps – 4 rounds of that. Uh. NO.  I did one rope climb per round and that was plenty good for me.  Then we finished with squats – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, times 8 rounds. The final talley = 4 rope climbs, 120 pushups and 120 situps and I managed 87 squats? In one workout?

this was me.

I would demand ice cream, but Pish Posh will beat me up.

who knew? Mom HATED THIS.

  • Ever catch yourself repeating a habit as an adult that drove your parents bat-shit crazy growing up?  This summer I had a conversation with Mom in which she burst out with “Do you remember how you used to go shopping, come home and tear all the tags off of everything, and then you would LEAVE them all over the place?!!? God, it drove me crazy!!”.  I sat there, mouth hanging open, staring, because honestly, no I don’t remember that and no, I don’t remember her ever losing her shit at me over it.  So imagine the smirk that slid across my face this week when I caught sight of this on my dresser.  Tags and little plastic bits from a workout clothes shopping spree.  I did that.  Mom is right.  (they usually are…) I cleaned them up right away, somehow feeling like Mom was watching with her arms crossed until I did.

  • There is no funny story or reason I took this picture yesterday, other than the fact that my coffee mug made me miss the comic strip The Far Side.  There was always a Far Side 365 day calendar in our house during my adolescent/teen years.  One never knew which Far Side would make it into the honored spot on the refrigerator door, just to make you laugh.  Or to find that your brother had written your name on this one:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. I miss the Far Side too!

    You can transplant Herbie, you can you can!! He’ll love you even more. Just wear your Ninja socks for good luck 😉

  2. I kill plants, too! See, Peach, we’re back on the things-in-common track. Speaking of which, I’ve got your Squash Bake on this week’s menu! Going to steal your recipe now…. xo

    • Go, go gadget Black Thumbs! 🙂 Yay for squash bake and note: you can definitely sub homemade marinara for the Organic Rao’s jar sauce. (Better that way, actually!) Let me know how you like it!

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