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step AWAY from the ice cream.

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Pish Posh (one of my favorite awesome blogger writer friends) is hosting an 8 week challenge, and I’m totally jumping in on it!  The aim is to cut out something from your diet/life that unhealthy and add in a healthy replacement. Everyone who joins the challenge posts once a week about their successes (like NOT consuming an entire pint of Blue Bell Cookies & Cream in one sitting) and bellyflops (like consuming 3/4ths a pint of Blue Bell Cookies & Cream in one sitting).

What? That wasn’t you?

Nope, it was me. Awesome.

But I figure since I post about CrossFit or PPC at least once a week anyway, this is a great reason to join in the fun, meet some of my own goals and cheer on the rest of the challenge participants!

What I do now:

Diet – I am following the Paleo guidelines. For those of you unfamiliar, here’s a cool graphic I found on Pinterest. Or just see the pyramid below. It’s simple…

…Or so it seems.  Cutting out all grains, starches, legumes, dairy, alcohol and unnatural sugars has been SO HARD, y’all.  I think I’d fall down and weep if someone handed me a just-out-of-the-oven crusty baguette and some goat cheese right now.  Or an entire pizza. But alas, I will stay strong.  I’d say right now, I’m about 90% Paleo. My cheats are: cottage cheese, greek yogurt, frozen yogurt/ice cream, half & half, and alcohol.

Exercise – I started Project Peach Cadet in April, so technically I’m on month 6 of my journey. Wow! Hard to believe. Since then, I’ve quit smoking, gotten back up to a healthy weight for my height (history on that is here), and run a 5k and a 10k. I also transitioned from a big-box gym with a trainer to CrossFit and couldn’t be happier.  These workouts push me beyond anything I’ve ever asked my body to do.  I typically go on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, rest either Thursday or Friday (depending on what my body feels like), and then do one day on the weekend. If I’m feeling really great, I may go 2x a day… but no more than 1-2 times in a week. I finally have some muscles!! And a BOOTY!  NOTE: Due to my past struggles with weight (on the high AND the low side), I try NOT to pay attention to the number on the scale. My only focus right now is being strong and healthy.

What I want to cut out:

Considering my family history of osteoporosis, and my battle with my hormones/immune system, while doing this much intensive exercising I do not want to completely cut out healthy sources of dairy-based protein such as the greek yogurt and cottage cheese.  My brands of choice are Fage 0% fat or Siggi’s and Breakstone’s 2% Lower Sodium.  However, I can and should do without the 3-4x a week trips to the froyo place or face-eating entire pints of Haagen Dazs and Blue Bell (<–ashamed. so ashamed.) Ditto to the the half & half in my daily cup of joe. And I certainly can cut out the little alcohol that I do consume. Oh, dammit, one more thing – I seem to have no self-control anymore over my jar of almond butter.  Spoon + jar + me = EAT ALL THE GOODNESS.  Down, girl. Down!!!  It’s only 8 weeks. I’ve got this.

What I want to add in:

Diet – More veggies. More water. Stay strong with the rest – lean meats, veggies, nuts, fruits, and a teeny bit of greek yogurt/cottage cheese.

Lifestyle – MORE SLEEP.  I am not recovering from workouts nearly as well as I should, and I am always fatigued in body and mind.

Overall goals:

Continue on the same path I’ve established with Paleo and CrossFit… but better.  Keep building muscle by feeding my body well, resting more and working hard.  Do not obsess over the number on the scale.

Funny story of the week:

I am running a race on Sunday. In a tutu.  A bright neon, candy apple green tutu.  You think I’m kidding…. Pictures next week. Promise.

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  1. Oh the alcohol is the hardest and getting to sleep at a decent hour!! I will be suffering with these goals too! You can do it and so can I!

    And your other goals blow me away. You’ve already achieved so much!!! Awesome, AWESOME job!!

  2. You’ve given me some things to research more…paleo diet and crossfit. I’ve heard of both, but don’t know a whole lot about them. It sounds like you’ve been doing great, so it’s awesome that you are joining in, because you will be an inspiration to the rest of us!

    • Thanks, Kianwi! If you have any questions about either, just let me know… happy to help! Especially CrossFit – it’s very intimidating when you research (ie: you’ll be all… HELL NO.) But I promise, it’s not scary. Everything is scaled to your own abilities.

  3. Oh, the sleep thing. That can be so difficult, but it is SO important. Good luck!

  4. Almond butter has got to go!! 🙂 You can do it. If I can do beer you can do it. I’m not an alcoholic. But I am kind of in love with beer. We can do it!! 8 Week!!

  5. Go Peach!! You can do it!! That sounds like a tough diet/plan to follow, but it sounds like you know what you need to do and you’re doing well so far so this is just another step in the process.

    And I know what you mean about the half and half – I don’t use much but I can’t cut it out! I was able to move to black tea with no sugar, but I can’t get to black coffee. It’s so good with heavy cream too, but that’s just a bit much 😉

    • Heavy cream? ever try ICE CREAM in coffee? …………… no words. Ha! Anyhoo, I made the switch this week to So Delicious – Coconut Milk Creamer. Surprisingly, it’s not too bad, nice and creamy/rich and it’s Paleo-approved. Yay!

      • Where does one find that? Refrigerated section? Shelf-stable? Does it taste sweet or coconutty? (so many questions…)

      • Yes, refrigerated section of dairy and creamers. In my store, it’s in the section of organic/healthy stuff near the almond/coconut milks. Taste is ever so sweet, not too coconutty, just enough creaminess to give that nice color I look for in my coffee. You know what I mean? Not watery, not too milky, def not chunky. Haha!

      • Cool, I’ll look for it!

  6. I’m impressed with the way you have all these goals and things laid out. And also that you’ve maintained this all from April. That’s a great job! I can tell you’re going to be an inspiration in this challenge. 🙂

    Maybe I should put together a flow chart or something?

    • Ken, I am fluent in Project, Visio, Word, Excel and PowerPoint… which would you prefer? Kidding, kidding… I know, my organized nature comes out in my blogging. It’s a blessing and a curse. 😉

  7. I love the concept of the Paleo diet, Peach. It makes so much sense to me that we eat the way our bodies have evolved to eat. Along with my big challenge item (quitting smoking), I’ve been thinking about the Paleo diet as well. How long have you been doing it?

    Good luck with the challenge. I’ll be cheering you on!

    • Reanna, girl… I’m cheering for you, SO HARD, to kick the butts! I’m not saying switching to Paleo is as tough as quitting smoking, but it does require a mental shift as well. I did it gradually. Starting in April, I moved to “eating clean”: no sodas, junk food, fried food, processed crap. Only whole grains, healthy dairy in moderation, lean proteins and veggies. Did well with that! Then in June, when I started CrossFit I removed the dairy and grains too. Like I said, it’s difficult and I do still have my cheat days, but here’s the thing: I. FEEL. AMAZING. What we put into our bodies makes such a difference. Ask away if you have any questions at all!

  8. This will all work well together — if you can keep it all together. I’ve done a lot of the dieting you describe. Tough if you’re not eating alone, though. And the sleep is key to appetite-control.

    Congratulations on recovering your booty.


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