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Is this a good sign?

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Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.
— Maya Angelou

If you don’t already know, I did the online dating thing in January/Feb of this year. Just… NO.  NO. NO.  And HELL NO.  It was so awful I took a 4 month hiatus from dating.  When I felt ready again, I chose to take a more, say, organic route. I tried going on dates with a few different men that I know through friends or family, but have been nothing but underwhelmed. Just haven’t felt the kind of connection I’m looking for.  You know… the *whammo* physical attraction with the humor with the intelligence with the having your shit together with ambition to make one hell of a spark kind of connection?  Or is that just my silly expectations talking? Naive to hold out for that? I think not. Better to wait than settle for just…meh.

And then I was asked out by someone from CrossFit. My brain was all, “Say whaaaaat? That’s not why I joined CF! Is this a good idea? Because things could get mad awkward if it doesn’t work. Wait, he didn’t even seem interested!! Really? Him? But he’s so freakin’ hot! Me? OMG,shut UP, brain!!!”

I bit the bullet and said yes to dinner.

And you know what? Since that shared meal of Paleo-friendly food and a non-Paleo ginormous tub of froyo followed by a first kiss, I think it’s been great! (Except for my little blip… whatever.)  I haz a boyfriend, wheeeeee!

But what reason do any of you have to believe me?  Tell you what… I’ll give you ten things. You be the judge.

1. Meet the friends? No biggie. He completely forgets that he’s agreed to visit his friends after I arrive to cook dinner with him. Without hesitation, he texts his friend saying he’s bringing someone with him. Bonus dork alert: I was wearing an angry birds tshirt and he and his friends loved it.

2. He hits the klutz button in me. Normally I am an efficient, semi-graceful type of person, but I seem to turn into a complete and total klutz around him.  My clunkiness may include the following: dropping shit,  walking into inanimate objects, and spilling food on myself. Ugggh. Real smooth, Peach.  Anyone have a bib I can borrow?

3. Inventive date activities.  Our second date? goKart racing!! I was a maniac, screeching around the corners making the butt-end of my gokart slide wide. I was laughing hysterically the entire time, my Julia-Roberts-esque cackle echoing loudly inside my helmet at the thrill of the speed and utter FUN.  That night goes down as probably my best date ever. Our third date? Trout fishing!! Yes, @MayorGia… trout fishing! Yes, I baited my own hooks. With WORMS. I caught 5 out of our 11, thank you… all the big ones were mine. So there! Hah! Major points in my book for not being a lame-o, “I dunno, what do you feel like doing/what do you feel like eating?”….. zzzzz and no thank you.

4. PDA be damned.  He kisses me so thoroughly in public that, upon realizing we drew an audience, I blush furiously. Like, to my toes, blushing. Whoa.

5. He fits. With my height, it is challenging to find a decent physical match. It’s just not my preference to be the taller in the pair (my last ex was 5’8″, max).  But I’m not in this one. At 6’1″ to my 5’9″, I fit juuuust right in “the nook”.  Don’t pretend you don’t know what that is. And NO, it’s NOT DIRTY. Perverts.

6. The Biggies: Religious belief/practice.  Political stances. Relationship goals. Life goals. We have nearly the same viewpoints, but enough differences in opinion that they’re not exactly 100% lined up. I’m still floored at this one, because I’m kind of a weirdo.  I guess he is too, then. Yay, me!

7. Differences (are good!): He’s extremely well-traveled and culturally we are very different.  I am well-traveled within the US only, and it is fascinating to hear his perspective on societal issues and discuss/debate with him! Really? A man that can challenge my brain too?  Pinch me.

8. He is sweet to me. Opens doors. Holds my hand. Is generous with his time and affection. Makes me feel cherished, without agenda. (but also without smothering…blech!)

9. No biggie. He took the leap into referring to me as his girlfriend without making a big f’ing deal about it. It just was. Done.

10. He trusts me to drive his car. A stickshift. And now I am so busted with my writer buds at Yeah Write, because yes, this post was based on reality!

Soooooooo….. Whatcha think? Should I keep him around a little while?

And more importantly, if I do, and I blog about him more, he needs a pseudonym!  Hmmm… must get on that.

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  1. Keep him, keep him! Can’t wait to hear the pseudonym. Will it start with HOT? Will it be a color? A fruit? Hmmmm.

    Glad you found such an awesome guy 🙂

    • Woohoo, me too! 🙂 Why am I stumped on a name??? Yeah, I could just call him The Hottie, but there’s so much more to him than just that. I know… gag… but it’s true. God, I’m grossing myself out. Shutting up now…

  2. Keep! Keep! Chain if you have to!



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