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Five Foto Friday #8

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I know, I know.  I didn’t blog at all this week, AND I didn’t make it on the grid for Yeah Write. I suck at life.  My hope is that I’ll be forgiven when I drop some big news on this here blog.  Ready?

Peach has a boyfriend!

Wait… what?

Confused? Yes, so was I.

In my last post I mentioned that I ended it with the fella, but that I wasn’t sure it was the right choice.  After a West coast getaway and some help from my friends out there, I realized this:  I ran. As in, I didn’t know how to process the emotional overload of all the feelings (and some added complexities), took all the scary things and made them into one gigantic fireball of “ohmygoodholyshit”, which I promptly threw at him and then fled for dear life…without explanation. Hence the two pints of Haagen Dazs. And wine.  I never said I was perfect… ugh.

To his credit, he fought for me. He made me feel safe in being honest with him (something no one has ever afforded me), so I was. Brutally so.  And you know what? He listened. He communicated in return. We figured it out, together. And he cares. About me. All of me.

Am I still scared shitless?  Absolutely.  But I think this one is worth an honest effort.  I can’t wait to share more about him with y’all. 🙂

Ok, gag. Enough of the mushy stuff. On to some Portland vacay fotos!!!

This was my view from my hotel balcony. It had been awhile since I’d slept in an urban setting… running trains, drunk kids top-of-their-lungs singing at 3am, and sirens.  It did not annoy. It made me smile and think of the past.

Fresh corn tortilla action at the Portland Farmers Market

Had a lovely time wandering up and down 23rd avenue, aka “trendy-third” to the locals.

Hmmm. Perspective.

Visit to Mount Tabor.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!

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  1. Oh Peach, I’m so happy for you! Life is way more important than the internet. It’s ok to miss one week of the yeah write grid…there is always next week, and the week after. Can’t wait to hear more about the fella, he sounds like a keeper 🙂

  2. Yay for Peach! And yay for Peach’s lucky fella! Now, on to other important things: did you have a Voodoo donut? More importantly, WAS IT A BACON MAPLE BAR?????? Please say yes. And part 2, did you make it to Bunk Bar? That second part isn’t nearly as important to me as your answer to part 1. Honestly, you can even lie to me and I’ll still love you. AS LONG AS YOUR LIE IS A YES. That is all. As you were.

  3. Yay Yay Yay! So excited for you!

  4. woot! 🙂


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