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Five Foto Friday #7

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This week’s Five Foto Friday is brought to you from… Portland, Oregon! I’m on a trip with no other agenda than: enjoy my Portland friends, see as many pretty things as possible, eat amazing food, and drink incredible adult beverages. So far, so AWESOME.

Let’s begin.


I had a rough week. I freaked the eff out and ended it with the fella I was seeing. There needed to be ice cream.


And wine. Which demanded the devil-horned glass marker.

Note: I may have royally screwed up with the fella. šŸ˜¦ Still wrapping my brain around everything and wondering whether the issues at hand are his… Or mine. There is a truckload of unwritten background about Peach’s flaws, baggage, and tendency to be all ‘later, bitches’ when things start getting real. So go easy on him. I need to figure my own shit out.


And then, I flew. The view as we approached PDX? It doesn’t suck.

My friend and his new (fantastic!) girlfriend scooped me up curbside and we beelined to yummy pub food and amazing beer.

And then there were amazing drinks. I had the Cabana at this lovely establishment. It was a tea-infused vodka, mint, and Hefeweizen riddle. It shouldn’t have worked. But oh, it did. Shoutout to my peeps that recommended VQ!

And now, after a scant 5hr nap, thankyoutimechange, it’s time to go fall in love with the rest of Portland. Or maybe I will just shut off the lights, draw the blackout curtains, and go back to sleep in this cozy king bed. šŸ™‚

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Aw, sorry about the fella. It all sounded so promising… Enjoy your weekend out west!


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