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Five Photo Friday, #1

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Let’s give this new Friday theme a whirl, shall we?  I present to you…


1.  Paleo-what?!  I am adding something new into my nutrition plan.  The Paleo guidelines.  (notice I didn’t call it a diet. It’s NOT a diet when you EAT LIKE A CAVEWOMAN.)  Paleo means that you eat good quality, organic/grass-fed: meat, veggies, fruit and nuts.  Period.  This week alone I have had salmon, pork loin chops, burgers, at least 10 eggs/egg whites, and some awesome crock pot ranch chicken I pinned.  But here’s the bad news:  no dairy of any form, including grilled cheeses, grated Parmesan, mozzarella string cheese, queso, milk, ice cream, cottage cheese and yogurts. And there’s more.  Paleo says no grains, too.  No bread, english muffins, bagels, buns, biscuits, rolls, pasta, crackers, cookies, pretzels, waffles, pancakes, pizza dough, or cereal/granola.  Take a look at the forbidden in my household.

The “naughty” shelf. QUIT MOCKING ME, NUTELLA!!

2.  Costco saves the day. Going Paleo put me on a big carb withdrawal which led me to hunt down mock-carb recipes. Thanks to her and her I found Paleo Waffles.  Only one problem.  No waffle iron. Get thee to the nearest Costco, woman! Problem solved. This very first batch was caught on film, in my typical Peach-is-not-a-domestic-goddess style.

A friend’s response to my overpour: “That’s just wawful.”

3. WAFFLESWAFFLESWAFFLES. I am now waffle-obsessed.  Yum. Believe it or not, one of these guys has a measly 283 calories, only 7g sugar (from the banana in the batter) and a whopping 17 grams of protein!  I usually nuke some frozen fruit and use that “syrup” and the fruit to make it yummy.  If I’m being bad, I’ll thrown on some almond butter and Ghirardelli 60% Cacao chocolate chips too.  Happiness is.

4. I DID IT! One skill we had to learn and attempt at CrossFit this week was the rope climb.  I thought, “you have GOT to be kidding me with my puny arms…”  And you know what?  I did manage to get about 7ft up the 15ft rope! (and then looked below me and said ‘great, now how the eff do I get DOWN?’.)   Granted, getting up there took a LOT of explanation of the technique and many many failed attempts. Turns out, once you figure out your feet placement it’s mostly pushing with your legs like a leg press… not pulling yourself up with your arms.  Coooooooool.  And holy crap.

Not. intimidating. in. the. least.

5.   It’s hotttttttttttt.  No, I’m not whining.  When I moved South I knew I’d be trading snow shoveling for inhumanely hot temps.  Good thing I have an ALL DAY OUTSIDE thing planned for Saturday. <– sarcasm.  I’ve already packed the following: 3 types of sunscreen, bug spray, a hat, a towel and a change of clothing.  In the cooler will be: frozen bananas, waffles, bottled waters, protein bars, watermelon, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and maybe a few adult beverages. 🙂


Have a COOL weekend, everyone!

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  1. Ahh so much of my life is climbing up things and then not knowing how to get back down 🙂 Those waffles looked delicious though I don’t know how you’re surviving without cheese!

  2. Are the adult beverages Paleo-approved? If so, I may be switching over! 🙂

    • Sigh…if only! 🙂 I wound up skipping them anyway, thanks to the 106 degree weather. My crazy self stuck with water! It was Texas hot here!!!


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