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I agreed to dog-sit for a vacationing friend this week…and I couldn’t be more tickled.

As an already huge dog lover, I wouldn’t have minded.  But her 4-legged babies are just a dream to take care of.  They tell me clearly and exactly when they need to pee/poop.  They sleep most of the day while I’m working.  They give kisses, just because. The little one curls up next to me when I fall asleep… this little ball of warmth and love in the curve of my back.  It makes my heart happy.

But words don’t do them justice.

look. at. this. FACE.

There’s a dachshund in my armpit.

I love them.

The only hazard to playing Auntie Peach this week is that it took my (already at max level) desire to get a pup of my own and amp’ed it up a million-fold.   However, I am extremely cognizant of the responsibility and commitment of such a decision.

Up until now, the problem was either school, roommates, small living accommodations, worked too many hours a day, boyfriends who were allergic, lack of yard, etc.  But none of those items are issues any more. Especially the boyfriends. 😉 There are only two factors standing in the way of my getting a furry companion right this very minute.

  1. I’m renting.  The landlord would make me pay an additional fee for having a pet. She is also hyper-sensitive about the impeccable hardwood floors she had installed a few years ago. As a result she doesn’t want any big dogs living there – small dogs or cats only.  But there would still be the house-training and behavioral training to contend with, which does not bode well for her precious floors.
  2. The freedom I now possess would change drastically. Getaways would require planning for either taking my critter with me or arranging for care.  Crashing overnight with friends or a male (if I ever meet someone, that is) would not be an option. My independence is important to me… but is it so important that I’d sacrifice something I have wanted for many, many years?

Tough, tough call.  I’m torn.  What’s a single girl to do?

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  1. Awww, how about a cat? They are much less needy, but still curl up with you. I live in a zoo: 1 Schnauzer, 2 cats, 4 birds. I’m currently down a dog (my sweet Chihuahua died a few months ago from heart failure), but figure a 4 month old more than makes up for that.

    I love my animals, but you do give up some independence when you have them.

    • Kenja, the simple truth is… I want a dog. 😦 I do love me some kittehs, but my heart is set on the canine variety. And my goodness, I give you credit with your brood…that’s a lot of mouths to feed! 🙂

  2. GAH! SO CUTE! But if you want my straight honest opinion. Dont do it. I am biased because the puppy I adopted last year was only 2 months old and I believe had previously been abused, so trying to train her was literally a n i g h t m a r e. After 6 months of trying, I ended up finding her a better suited mommy because I didnt have enough time to give her the care that she needed. I definitely overestimated my abilities to handle a puppy at this stage in my life. And traveling is IMPOSSIBLE! You have to buy an additional air ticket for your dog, and kennels are like 40 dollars a night – minimum!

    • Thanks, Lauren. I *always* prefer honest opinions! I’m definitely going to think on it some more and not make any rash decisions based on how fabulous my friend’s babies are.


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