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What… 881 miles is too far?

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I am here. Dammit.

I promised updates on my sad, sad love life and I am a woman of my word.  All self-deprecation aside, there are some things churning underneath the surface of my latest writing.  Besides the hormones. Will not think about how long it’s been. Repeat ad nauseum. See? I am easily distracted. FOCUS, PEACH.

Okay, things. Churning. Yes. Yogi.  Remember Yogi?  From the Flashbacks post?  He’s the guy that I chose NOT to date. Instead, I chose the Ex I recently un-friended and blocked from Facebook. See how well that one worked out?  Shuddup.  So, since the Yogi called me back in April, out of the blue, after years without contact… he has continued to call.  I do not answer every time. But when we talk, we talk for a long time.  In Peach terms, that means 30 minutes.  And one night, he said exactly what I wondered in that post – what would have happened if we had continued to date? What if I’d chosen differently?  He still remembered the ONE night we slept in the same bed, barely managing to keep it rated somewhere between PG13 and R. But besides remembering the naughty things, he remembered what I cooked for dinner.  I was floored by his boldness and kind of stuttered out something resembling a “me too”.  And then he addressed the pink elephant, complete with flaming baton twirlers and lion tamers, and he stated plainly, “I’m still ridiculously attracted to you. I want to see you.”.  Now, a few things. He is unattached. He is a very successful man, fully capable of supporting himself. And he’s also built like a soccer god with a little bad boy thrown in via tattoos. What is the issue, you say?  He is still living in the place from whence I just LEFT. (Someone correct my grammar there, please…)  881 miles away. But who’s counting?

I tried to convince myself and friends that it’s possible he just wants to be friends, but I know it’s not true. He has searched plane flights. He has told his friends about me. But I have huge issue with the fact that he is, for all intents and purposes, completely unavailable by way of distance.  This gal has been down the long-distance road before. Won’t do it again.  What I should do is squash all hopes he has for a capital-U-S-“US” immediately and thoroughly. Says my brain.  My heart is struggling to catch up, while simultaneously throwing up every armored defense mechanism it can. Eeesh.

that’s about right.

Next up, also from the Flashbacks post, is London.  Uhmmmm….. enough said.  London.  We’ve messaged a few times and traded online dating horror stories.  He did say in conclusion, “Perhaps we should just meet back in our vacation spot for a week. :)”  While that would be one amazing week, hello Mr. Unavailable #2.

And lastly, there’s the Prof from the blind date.  Some of you found that date recap swoon-worthy, but guess what?  The only contact he’s made is to send me a friend request on Facebook. Yep. I’m serious.  It is what it is.

And there you have it.

In the meantime, until the next juicy story I will continue to be where I am.  I am here.  This is me.

9:57pm on 6/5/2012, just as I’m about to post this…. I’m not kidding…. my phone is ringing.  It’s Yogi.  I didn’t answer.

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  1. Good vm from Yogi?


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