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How fortunate am I, that one of my closest girlfriends lives in sunny California?  She and I are both equal parts dork, girly-girl, health nut and shopaholic.  We have known each other since the sixth/seventh grades. Therefore,

On the flight out to sunny Sacramento, I was fortunate enough to not only score the emergency exit window seat, but my row-mates were FUN.  The three of us became fast friends and wound up drinking for most of the flight.  Me, the gentleman of the bunch (married with kids, dammit), and the gorgeous brunette all just talked and laughed for most of the flight. It was a definitely a first, to have 3 strangers thrown together by chance and have such great conversation.  We all exchanged info and I hope to hear from them soon! The brunette lives in Atlanta too, and seems like she’d be a great person to get into some trouble with. >:)

Who says you shouldn’t talk to strangers?

After arrival, my friend and I ran some errands, had lunch, then did some grocery shopping for dinner. Then I did something I NEVER do – I took a nap thankyouvodka.  When I awoke, her very lovely boyfriend was cooking us dinner on the grill and then we attended a minor league baseball game.  I slept like a dead thing that night.  The next day, we went to a music festival in “Old Sacramento” with some of the same people from the game.  Turns out, we only saw a few street performers and instead bar-hopped and shop-hopped.  I swear I almost bought these. Almost.

You know you feel the same.

On Sunday, we were feeling quite tubby from all the beers/food at the game and at the festival. So we hit the gym for some cardio/weights and afterward…. oh…. what’s that next door? The mall?  Race ya!  I. had. to. have. this. dress.  I love it!!!

That evening, the guys wanted to host a dinner party at one of the couples’ *stunning* home.  Whoa, did they!  We were completely spoiled with appetizers of goat cheese and brie with baguette slices, amazing wine, filet mignon, twice-baked loaded potatoes, Parmesan baked asparagus, spinach salad with berries and candied pecans, and double chocolate torte with strawberries for dessert.  OH MY GOD.  Heaven.

Neo and Trinity. Their owners and the hosts= awesome.

Monday we hit the gym AGAIN, because duh…did you see how much we ate last night?!?!  We kicked major booty in a class called Turbo Kick which burned, no shit, 800 calories in 75 minutes.  But then of course, I HAD to have sushi before I left……. so, uhmm…. look at what we did.

Yes. That is dinner for two women. Not linebackers. Women.

Clockwise from top left: Nigori Sake, Mafia Roll, Fiesta Roll, Pepperfin Tuna sashimi with jalapenos, Cucumber Avocado Roll, Barbeque Seared Tuna, and Spicy Edamame.  With the exception of 3 Mafia pieces and some stray edamame, it was GONE.

We capped off the evening with wine, dark chocolate and a bowl of gelato bigger than my head.  But hell.  You only live once.

I left the next morning, sad to leave my friend and trying to play deaf to her side comments that I should move there.  But it didn’t quite miss the mark.  God, I do love California.  Sigh… what if?

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  1. California is awesome and I would love to live there.

  2. I’m so glad you had a wonderful trip! It had all the right things: alcohol, food, dark chocolate, shopping and great friends. You need to make a list of the things you love/hate about Hotlanta and the things you love/might hate about California and see what wins. For me, the fact that Matthew McConaughey lives in California wins every single time.


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