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Welcome to Fifty Shades of Peach!

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Woot!  I am live!

Thanks for visiting my new home. As mentioned at the old place, I’d be forever grateful if you’d all update your links and Twitter info for me.

NEW TWITTER:  Follow me @50peach. I’ll be following all of you, too! 🙂


Now that the site transition is completed (without too much bloodshed, I’m happy to report), new posts will resume soon!  I know you’re all on pins and needles to hear the details of my blind date on Thursday….

Today was spent at the pool with good friends, so I am a happy 50peach.  I love the way my skin smells after a day in the sun, covered in SPF ONE MILLION. Even after showering, I still smell of summer.   Hope you all had a great weekend, too!


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  1. Peach, I’m loving the new site! And hurry up already! I’m dying to know what happened Thursday on the blind date!!


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