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I can’t believe I’m doing this.

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Written in the style of one of my favorite new sites, #wheninatl
I’ve been set up on a blind date.
Stilt’s attitude towards blind dating:
freaking out gif Pictures, Images and Photos
Friend tells me via email that she met someone that who is interested in meeting me for drinks. She gave me his full name and says he’s a professor. I google him. He is not a troll.  But I do not respond to her.  For TWO HOURS.
She replies to me, saying “I sense you are thinking about this.  I am giving him your contact info. You can yell at me later.” My reaction:
Then I reply immediately,
mad? Pictures, Images and Photos

After a week, the Prof contacted me.  In a polite and succinct email, he recapped meeting my friend and suggested we have drinks this weekend.  After a few hours, I replied that I was visiting family out of town all weekend for Mother’s Day.  I suggested next week/weekend.

He confirmed. Thursday. Drinks.

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  1. He's not a troll?! Hardly a ringing endorsement. Maybe he'll have an incredible personality…or be hung like a horse. And at least it's drinks. Alcohol helps.

  2. I do not trust an educational institution's picture of him, nor the friend's statement that "he's cuter in person". Call me skeptical. So, he's deemed Not a Troll. Although, Hung Like a Horse would be an acceptable replacement name.

  3. Hung Like a Horse…perhaps he's Native American. Your first born could be Hung Like a Colt.

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