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Let’s get real for minute.

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UPDATE : As of 5/19/2012, Stilts changed her name to 50peach and moved from Blogger ( to WordPress (  However, the same anonymous concept applies.  So does my height. 😉

I have been asked by some of you via Twitter DM, “What’s up with the name Stilts?”.

No, it is not my real name.  I have a quite lovely first name, actually – I just choose not to use it on this blog/twitter account.  Stilts is simply a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that when I wear 4inch heels, I stand at about 6’2 and my legs look circus-freakishly long. Yeah, yeah, tell me how lucky I am to have long legs and I’ll in return take you with me to shop for jeans so you can experience my HELL.

Yes, these are my shoes. And my foot.

So why the alias?  The fact of the matter is, the content of this blog delves into both my past relationships/sexual encounters and my current dating mischief-making. I’d rather remain anonymous in order to be able to write freely and without fear of the repercussions I might face in other social networking mediums.  Sweet artistic freedom!!!  Besides, can you imagine the fallout on Facebook or Twitter if I were to exploit the recent tales of my hot trysts alongside the average status updates of friends my age?

Hypothetical Facebook friend status: “Last night my darling precious child Sookie slept the whole night in her OWN BED for the first time ever!!!”

Hypothetical Stilts Facebook status: “Last night I had amazing stand-up bathroom sex with a hot bartender for the first time ever!!!”

Hmmm.  Funny, yes.  Advisable, no.  Hence on here, I am Stilts.  And if/when I ever do have amazing stand-up bathroom sex with a hot bartender, I’ll let this blog know.

That said, I’m thinking of doing a bit of rebranding/renaming of this blog. “Mind the Shrapnel” is a bit of a mouthful.  (not that kind, you pervs.)  I have some better ideas for a blog title and want to get my own domain going. Just a heads up that there may be some construction happening soon, so don’t be alarmed if it becomes a mess around here. I just hope the finished product meets the expectation I have in mind!

Lastly, I know I have readers out there on teh internets- despite the fact that none of you are commenting. For shame, you lurkers! To you trusted folks from my inner circle with whom I’ve shared this blog, I understand if you are not commenting to protect my identity. I appreciate that.  Just know that I don’t mind at all if you comment anonymously. It’d be nice to have some feedback to know if my writing is decent, or boring, or just belongs in the wastebin. 😉  For the rest of you coming over from Twitter or from the awesome bloggers I know/have recently discovered (lizzypancakes, rachelintheoc, badredheadmedia, thoughtsfromparis)… don’t be shy.

See y’all soon.

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  1. Hell to the YES, your writing is great. Keep it up (hehe), girlfriend. Bitchin shoes, BTW. And thanks for the shootout. xo

  2. Love the shoes and the jeans look plenty long to me! And with a 3 month old I would kill several barnyard animals to have the hypothetical Facebook friend status about Sookie sleeping through the night. Then, after I'd gotten my rest, I'd kill several more barnyard animals to have your hypothetical Facebook status, but with my hubby. Keep writing!

  3. Thanks, darlin'! Appreciate the kudos…especially on my rockin heels. 😉 But "shootout"? Let's not get violent up in here, okay?!?

  4. Welcome Kenja, and thank you! Those jeans cost me more than I care to admit, with their damn extra-long inseam! But oh, how I love them. Took a look at your site – exciting times for you! Can't wait to read. Until then I send good juju that the sleepless nights end soon for you. (and you get some fun hubby-time!) 😉

  5. I LOVE your writing…keep it up fo sho!


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