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The time I was so pissed off I invented a cocktail

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As much as I’d love to vlog this entry in the style of My Drunk Kitchen (LOVE HER!!)…I’ll spare you the horror show.  You see, these days I either have just come from the gym (hair piled atop my head, sweaty and no makeup) OR I’m in my pjs. So sexy, I know.

Sorry people, you’ll have to just use your imagination.

Day three into this guy’s epic freakout, about 9pm at night, was when he finally admitted VIA TEXT that he was scared and needed space to think. I was hurt and angry and dammit, I wanted a drink.  A fucking STRONG one.  We’ve all been there.

I shoved myself off the couch in a huff and stomped to the kitchen. Wine? Nope, finished that the night before.  Beer? Only have leftover Buds from a parental visit. Yuck.  Liquor?  I hauled open the freezer and YES, I HAVE LIQUOR!!!  Pinnacle Whipped Vodka, in fact, leftover from my last gathering. I’d never had it, but why not?

Hmmm….what to mix it with?  Do I have OJ? *throws open the other door* Yes!  But, syrupy sweet screwdrivers aren’t my thing. What could I thin it out with?  Ah HA!!!  My eyes fell upon my Coconut La Croix sparkling water.  It’s no-calorie, no-sodium and no-artificial sweeteners, and the coconut flavor tastes delicious to me.

So I took out a pint glass, filled it with ice, and sloshed some yummy vodka to fill the bottom 3rd-ish of the glass. I then poured in the La Croix Coconut water until almost full, then added OJ for color and flavor until full. I sipped.  I died.  Then I drank. And drank another. And another.  Oopsie.

But it’s just…. they’re So. Fucking. Good.

Summer in a glass. Sand in the toes.  Blue skies and beach bums.

And because it’s mostly sparkling water with just a splash of OJ and more than a splash of vodka, it’s lower-calorie, right? RIGHT?!?!  Works for me.

I’ve introduced this loveliness to my friends and it’s a hit.  They helped me name it:


  • Pinnacle Vodka – “Whipped” flavor. NOTE: Pinnacle has an entire line of flavored vodkas, which means the mixing opportunities are endless. Be creative!
  • La Croix Coconut sparkling water – Found in most grocery store bottled/sparkling water aisles.
  • OJ of your choice. Non-pulpy, kinda-pulpy, so pulpy you have to chew it, whatevs. Pick your poison.
  • Depending on whether you drink these from a modest cocktail glass or from a pitcher, just follow the proportions of 1/3 vodka, fill ‘er up almost to the top with La Croix, and splash in some OJ.  You can’t screw it up.

Coming soon…PPC updates!

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  1. P.S. I feel shorted that I didn't get one of these. You owe me a Beach Blanket!!!

  2. A thousand apologies for the oversight. Forgive me? 😉

  3. Ever since I had my baby, I miss out on all these new drinks, lol! Vodka whipped flavors? Sounds awesome!


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