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This blog needs pictures.

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I must confess I am not up to speed in the legal/copyright ramifications of posting photos I do not own in a blog.  I just know I’ve been advised to not do it. But alas, I’m saddened by the starkly text-driven format of my dating debacle diary.  How does one use pictures and not get in twouble? Help a girl out, pretty please?

As far as I know, I CAN post pictures that are mine, all mine. This morning I was deleting anything and everything scandalous from my old cell phone, which was just replaced with a new hotness!!!  and I came across a few pics that are very much indicative of my personality.  Thought you may enjoy a sneak peek into the world of 50peach.

Up first is a pic I received as a result of a mass text-bomb (which contained a glaring grammatical error).  My old POS phone would sometimes copy me on people’s responses.  Within 2 minutes, this message appeared, and I howled.  Whoever sent this, I’d love to meet you and have a beer.

Next up we have me, hiding behind my newly cut and colored hair. Why? I tweeted that I’d gone shorter, redder and sassier.  The immediate response was “Pics, you tease!”.  This is what I tweeted back.  I know, I’m an asshole.

Ah, Ira Glass. Also sent to me via text by a dear friend in the midst of 1-2 glasses bottles of wine.  We were discussing our love of writing and the heaps of frustration that comes along with it. I loved this statement that night and I love it even more now, sober.  It’s a lot less blurry.

Lastly, my zen moment. Tub, candles, wine, book.  Heaven.

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