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First Name Only [FNO]: Intro

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I recently tweeted that writer’s block isn’t an affliction from which I suffer. What can I say? Life just hands me the material lately.  (see also: Vacation Guy and Yogi)

I woke up one recent morning and saw the text message notification on my phone.  I stretched my aching muscles (while cursing my personal trainer) and read the message through sleep-heavy eyes. When the recognition hit, I let out a groan and said to my empty bedroom, “For fuck’s sake, now this guy?!?!”

From: [FNO]  “Hey sweetie….you still from around these parts?” 12:56am

I ask you, who would have the audacity, reason, or drunkenness to text someone a flirty message at one in the morning?  No, it’s not an ex.  Think more along the lines of a person with whom you shared a very short but very intimate amount of time.  Go ahead, let your brain descend into the gutter with mine. There ya go.

And FNO’s is a story that just begs to be written.

To be continued…

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