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Day 5

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PPC#1 update:  5 days, smoke-free!  Go me!

However, this accomplishment comes with a bit of a departure from my sweet, angelic, fun-loving self.  Here is a horrifically honest look into my sans-nicotine persona this week.

  • Frayed nerves
  • Bitchiness
  • Uncontrollable road rage
  • Muttering to myself
  • Insomnia
  • Sadness
  • Zero filter
  • Evading phone calls from family with ninja-like stealth
  • Cursing like a truck driver
  • Dropping shit
  • Forgetting shit
  • Walking into shit
  • Generally feeling like shit
  • Buying shit. SOMEONE TELL ME TO PUT DOWN THE CREDIT CARD. (Ex- new running shoes, polar heart monitor watch, 3 movies, 2 new bathing suits, a book, haircut and color, new gadget, new case for my gadget…holy shit)

This too, shall pass.  In the meantime if you see me and you know what’s good for you, run the fuck away.

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  1. …so in other words, you're experiencing my pregnancy.

  2. It would seem so, only without the prescription for Zofran. Wanna join forces and seriously frighten people?


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