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No, I’m fine. I can crawl up the stairs.

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I am not dead.  If I were dead I would not be feeling this much pain, which would be AWESOME, but then…I’d be dead. And that’s no fun.

No really, my first two workouts with a trainer were great. On days where he doesn’t train me, I do a group class or cardio. (Go me!) Just trying to stay consistent and do something every weekday. Weekends are mine to rest.

I’m definitely sore, mostly in the abs and quads, but even so I have a feeling my trainer is still testing my limits/abilities and hasn’t quite tortured me fully yet. Hmmm. Tell that to my muscles that were still shaking 2hrs after my session this morning. I most likely will not be able to lift so much as a fork tomorrow, but hey, this is what I signed up for. It’s supposed to hurt. The hurt means I’m DOING something. I like it.

As for PPC#1 (quit smoking) – I can say that I did make it past the 24 hr mark before I broke down and had one. Dammit. And then I had a few the next day.  Dammit.  As expected, my first excursion on the treadmill left me gasping for breath at not even the mile mark. And that, my friends, SUCKS.  Must do better.

PPC#4 (eat better) – going great!

PPC#5 (be less boozy) – uhmmm…let’s start this one next week, when my birthday is not a factor. Yes, I celebrated. And I enjoyed it. Next week, less boozing on weeknights!

In other news, apparently Dipshit #1, aka Wet Willy, is also a member at my gym. THAT wasn’t awkward at ALL.

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