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To provide closure on He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, as stated to a friend, “Hell no, I didn’t write him back. He made me stew for 9 days. He does not deserve instant absolution from his assholiness. Fuck him.”.   And that is that.

Okay, people.  After a spectacularly gory beginning to my dating life in Atlanta, Peach needs to take a breather and focus on herself for a little while.  It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back.  So with credit to my #1 fan for the mission title, I give you my plan:


1. Quit smoking
2. Join a gym
3. Hire a personal trainer
4. Eat better
5. Stop being boozy Be less boozy
6. Focus on investing in me, physically and mentally
7. Do what makes me happy.

  • Numbers 2 and 3 – Done and done on my lunch hour today!!!  I want to put some muscle on these scrawny limbs, but I have not a clue where to start on my own. So I hired help. I got a 12 session package, 1 hr each, and he threw in 3 extra for me.  My first training session is tomorrow.  Pray for me that I don’t die.
  • Number 4 – I have been going way overboard on the southern-fried goodness with all this male drama.  My wobbly bits, as Bridget Jones says, are quite wobbly.   At this rate, I won’t be wearing a bikini, I’ll be wearing a burkha. 135 bucks later, and my fridge is packed with healthy, fresh ingredients to start my journey off right.
  • Number 5 – Quitting drinking in the summer? NOT easy.  That said, I know the effects alcohol can have on tough workouts… not pleasant.  Must cut back.  I can do that.

Aside:  Remind me to tell you about the time I was so upset about HWSNBN that I invented a fan-fucking-tastic summer cocktail.

Okay, okay, quit your bitching…I didn’t forget Number 1, I was just stalling.

  • Just…FAKK. Number 1 – I suspect that after my session tomorrow I won’t want to look at cigs ever again. That’s my M.O. – the last time I quit for 3 yrs was when I started doing Bikram yoga and revamped my diet. It’s much easier to quit when I’m doing so much GOOD for my body.  It all ties in together. I hope it does so again this time.
  • Number 6 – I need a break from dating, let’s just be honest. At this moment, I’d rather pour all my mental and physical energy into something I’ve always wanted – a rockin’, strong, fit body.  So here I go.
  • Number 7 – Time to do things that make me happy. Ex.1: the set of super-high thread count sheets I bought that are fluffing in the dryer right now.  Ex.2: I’m pulling the trigger on buying something I’ve talked myself out of for over nine months now. Do I need it? No. But it will bring me joy.
So that’s Project Peach Cadet. If you don’t hear from me again, my trainer killed me.

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  1. You spill your guts and include some closed door details in this blog, but you don't tell us what you're buying in #7, Ex 2? iPad? Do tell. Oh and nothing will make you want to quit smoking than a painful trainer beat down. My worst sessions were post-vegas trips. I've never been so out of breath in my life. But if I've learned anything about personal trainers; if you're not on the floor afterwards, trying to find any god that will slow your heart rate, allow you to catch your breath and spare you from the impending soreness that won't hit for 24 hours; then the workout wasn't hard enough.

  2. You guessed it in one! 🙂

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