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From Bourbon Babble to just….a blur.

Let me put it in context for you.  Near the end of Guns & Ammo, I went into a bit of a tailspin.  If I recall correctly, I had a weekend that went as such:

  • Friday: returned from a work trip. Went to my favorite local restaurant with my sis-in-law.  Left that night having given my number to our smokin’ hot server and with his number on a slip of paper in my purse.
  • Saturday: the makeout bandit reared her ugly head. Yep.  At a gathering with friends, I completely made out with a man I have known for …holy shit, 16 years?… and while it was certainly not one-sided and actually quite pleasant – not my finest moment.
  • Sunday: went out with the smokin’ hot server.  See also: my Danger post.
  • Monday: went out with Guns & Ammo – we all know how that one turned out. That was the last date with him.
  • Tuesday: slept with the smokin’ hot server.
  • Wednesday: commence freakout. oh-holy-shit-why-did-i-do-that-now-it’s-completely-fucked-i’m-such-an-idiot!!!. I bet the Bourbon Babble post is making a lot more sense about now, isn’t it!??

What has happened since?  Well, my tailspin became more of a crash and burn, twisted metal, wreckage and strewn body parts of epic proportions.  But really, I’m not overly dramatic AT ALL.

I’m sure you’ll be completely shocked to learn that the server didn’t work out. To quote my sis-in-law, “Candy does not make a meal.”.  He was smokin’ hot… just not dating material.

So, I put the brakes on myself (DOWN, GIRL!) and took some time off from dating to catch my breath.  When I’d recovered and felt back to my old self (ie: someone who does NOT sleep with hot servers, EVER), I decided to take down my online profile.  I just didn’t have the heart anymore to wade through the hundreds of messages with lies, bullshit and badly disguised pickup lines. The thought of going on yet another round of dates with men that are nothing like their profiles was depressing to even think about.

… and then I saw the site had charged my credit card for another month.  Well, shit.  So I grudgingly  went back to the online site for one last try.

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  1. Were you wearing your PanAm undies for all of this wreckage? So glad to know that not even mass destruction will get you down.

  2. I send my humble thanks to the PanAm undies, the awesome friends, and the hooch that got me through. 😉


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