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Message of the Day #4

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Text body:

“Hey there- I noticed your profile and thought it might be nice to reach out to you. I have a great life and am looking for a lady to share that with. Perhaps we can talk and see where the conversation takes us. Hope you have a good day.  C :-)”

NICE! well, maybe a little vanilla.  But at least it’s not offensive or im 2 cool 2 use rl wds. I settle on mildly promising.

I click on his profile photos.

Hmmm…one blurry face shot of himself, and he looks stoned. *Concerned face.*

What other pics does he have?

Next pic, a sunset beach shot featuring…nine emperor penguins. *scratches head*

Next pic? A sunset over water. *WTF.*

Next and LAST pic? Two fish hooks making a heart around a phrase in the Bible, ‘Love never fails’. *UHMMMM. Concerned face + scratching head + WTF.*

And if all that weren’t enough to make me swoon RIGHT into his arms, there’s always his username: [female action character’s]Hero.  NO NO NO NO NO!!!

Sigh…foiled again.

2 responses »

  1. His truly truly truly outrageous username was JEM?

  2. That would have been preferable. At least JEM is/was unique!


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