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Herstory: Who I Am.

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Since this is a blog about dating, it’s only fair that you get to know the leading lady first. So here’s the obligatory online dating profile info about moi, before I launch into the actual hot mess-ness of my dating life.


And we Shall Call Her:
What I advertised:
Ethnicity    White
Height    5′ 9″ (1.75m).
Body Type    Thin
Diet    —
Smokes    —
Drinks    Socially
Drugs    Never
Religion    —
Sign    Aries and it’s fun to think about
Education    Graduated from masters program
Job    Other
Income    Rather not say
Offspring    —
Pets    Likes dogs and likes cats
Speaks    English
Meanwhile, in reality:
All of that up there is true. But a few notes on the blanks:
Diet – who cares?! Unless you require me to be Paleo-Vegan-Ovo-Veggie-Something ….  I EAT. ENOUGH SAID.
Smokes – at the time I completed the profile, I was trying to quit.  Now I have. YAY ME!!!  I will change this soon, to NO.
Religion – I don’t discuss this topic much with ANYONE, family included.  Far too many snap judgments are passed on this topic alone. Get to know me. Then we’ll talk.
Job + Income – Come on. These fields are here for the women looking for a sugar daddy.  Men don’t care how much money a woman makes or what she does. I can pay my rent. Move along.
Offspring – the choices sucked! Either: Has a kid, has kids or doesn’t have kids. Paired with: might want kids, wants kids or doesn’t want kids.  Well, shit.  If I say I don’t have kids but I want kids, then every man viewing my site will recoil in horror at my need to PROCREATE. NOW.  (not the case.) I chose the blank.


I completed my essays honestly.  I know who I am, what I’m looking for, have a steady job that I like without it ruling my life, and I’m looking for an equal partner. (read… I WILL NOT BE YOUR MOTHER.)  I’m educated but a goofball.  I’m tall and do not shy away from high heels.  I love watching football and playing pool, but I’m still a woman with a purse/shoes obsession. The sloppydrunk bar scene is not my style and ex-frat boys need not apply. That’s about it.


I posted 4 head shots of myself – nothing showing skin or T&A.  Just my head/shoulders, me smiling.


How is that working out for me?  Keep reading.

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